Super Mario Kart Pack (V2.1)

Super Mario Kart Pack (V2.1) v2.1

Looks like we've come full circle, huh?

Background from the Electric Boogaloo Pack

This pack you're looking at is a little side project of mine I made last year for a friend's server: A pack containing every single Super Mario Kart racer faithfully recreated (with some new signature colors to take advantage of SRB2Kart's wider palette). To give it a bit more polish (and to take my mind off of ounces of fatigue from working on other characters), I took the pack I once made for the heck of it and added some new faces to bring the total roster count to sixteen.


The extra cast members include the following, along with the original authors of their sprites:

  • Bowser Jr. by Devicho
  • Daisy by EdpR (with minor edits)
  • Diddy Kong by Clutch
  • Donkey Kong by Toni (with new steering sprite)
  • Dry Bones by Aluigi
  • Shy Guy by NICKtendo DS
  • Waluigi by PurpleEggplant (with major edits)
  • Wario by Frario

Because of the contents of this pack being a different kind from other packs, these racers are not available separately.
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Loved this pack so much that I've made my own inspired on this one!
A retro throwback to the game started it all.
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It really feels full circle to see the original kart racer that started the craze be represented here for SRB2kart. Not only did you add the original racers, you even went far beyond and added more to the original roster whilst still trying to adhere to the limit pixel art style! That is some serious dedication right there.
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