Sunky Actual v2.2 - The "look guys its the kick" update

Well done! All of the movements are smooth and there's no glitches when I used it.
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There's finally super forms and an extra sol form! Safe to say I tried them both out, and the Super form is actually beneficial! With Sunky's super, you can keep up with other players that aren't Sunky easily. The Sol form is even better, although you guys will have to find that out yourselves. Now that Sunky has a Super form, I think he's perfect now.
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hell yeah sunky is now playable.
ps: what you mean no one wanted? and what about me in my last rating?
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I like sunky
Like so much
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Alright! Safe to say that, I've beat the whole game with Sunky, AGAIN. But this time, he wasn't so stubborn. Every zone is possible, and I liked that you removed the end timer for BCZ1. Some of the zones are brain busters, like ACZ1, but I assure you they're all passable! Without the use of cheats, of course. A thing I really hoped to see, was Super Sunky. If you could implement a super from for Sunky that'd be great! Another adventure with this little man has made me even more attached to him, and safe to say, this is one of the best experiences with SRB2 I've had. I don't care what everyone else says, this is 100% accurate to Sunky, it makes the game harder and that's why I love it so much. It was such a different perspective change, playing Sunky makes SRB2 feel like a whole new game. And yes, I have a lot of patience.

Oh! And if you're wondering how I beat it with the timer, let's just say I dug around in the LUA files.
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very great!

only it needs is the background going 2d
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Alright! I just want to let everyone know, that every zone is possible except CEZ1, ERZ1 and BCZ1. It takes a lot of work to beat the game. And even though this character needs a lot of work, and takes a lot of work to play, I've grown to love the little guy. He has a unique playstyle, you can't just blast through levels, you have to think. The reason why most people don't like Sunky is because, he's slow. But in my opinion, he's perfect.

He plays just like he does in his games. This is by far one of my favorite mods because of how accurate it is! Sunky wasn't made to be good, he was made to be a JOKE. I don't see how people don't get that. It's absolutely INFURIATING to play as him, and that's what makes him so special to me. I've died right at the end in SO MANY ZONES. But I've stuck with the little guy until the end.

So as a true Sunky fan, and a fan of this mod, I say it's good. Some improvement could be done, like adding compatibility to other mods, such as Kirby or XMomentum, and adding a Super Form. Plus I'd love to see Sunky branch out to the community, I just love the little guy.

So this is at least a 9.5/10 in my opinion.

(also we need milk and cereal taunt)
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I get that people think this is hard to beat the game with but like, bro it's canon Sunky, I want nothing more in life than this masterpiece.
Only complaint is that Super Sunky doesn't seem to be here to my knowledge, besides that this is super cool.
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While he is extremely boring on flat ground with no accessible springs or anything, he's got plenty of... dare i say it, tech, that can be used to go through the campaign, almost.

Sunky is the perfect amount of broken to stay challenging while providing a lot of ways to exploit it, mostly with his taunt. in certain scenarios it can be used to airwalk forever, but it requires good timing, and his lack of jump height provides the question of how to get any higher than you currently are, and each time you reset your air walk timer, you have to taunt again, which shoots you down some bit. There's more to the taunt than just that, but it's an example of how Sunky can be used not to troll whomever who plays as him, but as an extremely limited character that makes getting to certain areas all the more rewarding to pull off.

Of course though, some gripes, at least with this mindset/playstyle.

* Sunky is very slow on the ground and it might not always be possible to abuse his mechanics to attain more speed, and while that's a big part of what makes him challenging when in the middle of platforming, it would be nice to not have to wait.
* Castle Eggman 1's Bridge is impossible, it requires speed or height, and you start off too low to have height, and you need to come to a stop before you can make an attempt at it, suggesting you add a way for him to use the still functional death door, he could very possibly beat the game.
* Holding Kick to maintain momentum, while technically functional, it's not very good at it, dramatically slowing him down, so by the offchance you have the space to make use of say, a horizontal spring or gentle slope, it's not easy to stay that way without resorting to not landing at all.
* Hanging animation.
* Having Sunky's z momentum go flat sounds far more original than just making his death sprite the only thing that really happens with it, and while it may be for the best that he not die in a single hit, i feel like that old bit of code could potentially be uncommented, or make dying in one hit a console command.

While this character is slow and enraging trying to play casual, there is undeniably some value here in doing things that Sunky really shouldn't be capable of.
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Sunky. He sure does... exist?

Well, on the surface, he is a perfect 3D interpretation of Sunky gameplay. But you need to know this char inside and out to beat just a Zone and a third. I can't even beat Techno Hill 2! There needs to be improvements, like a speed buff, or any kind of move that pushes him forward.

Overall, it is a good mod that needs improvement

0̷̶̷/̷̶̷5̷̶̷ ̷̶̷n̷̶̷o̷̶̷ ̷̶̷c̷̶̷e̷̶̷r̷̶̷e̷̶̷a̷̶̷l̷̶̷ ̷̶̷a̷̶̷n̷̶̷d̷̶̷ ̷̶̷m̷̶̷i̷̶̷l̷̶̷k̷̶̷

Just kidding, 3/5.
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Now, This mod is OKAY. tbh, his abilities could have been better.
Good art though. I am making a sunky mod myself. Anyways this is good, but could be better.
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I get that Sunky's a comedic character, but I think his implementation in SRB2 could have been handled a lot better.

The sprites are very basic with it only being sprite rips from the Sunky games which is kind of lazy if I'm to be honest. I'm not asking for a full custom sprite of Sunky, but knowing that there is a full model sheet of Sunky on Looneydude's twitter, I feel like there could have been some attempt at a full body rotation even with the base sprite still being from Sunky The Game.
His abilities are very limited and due to his slow walking speed and low jump height, it already makes it very difficult to beat Greenflower Act 1 without abusing the game's physics, which gives me the impression that he wasn't fully play tested with all the vanilla game's levels.
I think one way to combat Sunky's limited mobility would be to make use of his stretchy arms (seen in Sunky Part 1), and allow him to launch himself off of enemies or the terrain to gain the momentum needed to clear the levels. If you've played "Ristar", then my idea is essentially based off of that game. If that's going a bit too ambitious for SRB2, then you could make him pick up enemies to use as a boost (ala Klonoa, or Milla in Freedom Planet), and allow him to charge a super jump via crouching for a few seconds like in Super Mario Bros 2 (something that Sunky has been in via the April Fools "Sunky the Game 2").

A simple kick can only go so far for levels that were not designed for a heavy character like Sunky, you'll ideally want to work around it if you want people to enjoy the mod more than just the novelty of playing as Sunky for 2 minutes.
I'll see what i can do, I am planning on making Sunky have a high speed but a slow acceleration. I'll also try to make the SMB2 crouch
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funniest joke character. i love this little guy.
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I have no idea why the reviews are so negative, this is 100% accurate to the original Sunky. You did a great job on this, the only reason i'm giving one less star is because i can't climb up the final ramp in GFZ 1
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Five stars. Good joke mod. I don't understand how no one realizes this is a joke mod. It's meant to be funny.
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Sorry... what?

... I'm just... going to skip my opinion on him

The float ability is fun and works very well but the rest just fails to keep me entertained with him. And his speed... Do I even have to complain on how terrible it is? I feel like you should have known this before hand. Not only does his speed convinced me to quit the game in the FIRST ZONE, it makes the "Jump boost" completely useless.

I really hope you remake this badly, if you do, PLEASE buff his speed and replace his kick for something more enjoyable.
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I'm a kind person, This is my first time giving a 1 star. His sprites are 1 rotation. It's impossible to beat even the first stage, the sound effect for falling plays a second after you fall. There's nothing more to him, even checked his file, no offense. Why did you make him so weak? to the point he's unfun.
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man this is an, uh...experience. it's fundamentally fine, it works as intended but to say it's an enjoyable play experience would be a lie, unfortunately. he's far too sluggish and slow for even greenflower to be fun, nor does he have any interesting handicaps to make figuring out clever solutions to overcome basic level design any fun.

i will say, though, you have the right idea with the float ability, and that was definitely the most interesting part of the...very limited moveset.
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