[Open Assets] Stick-Chars V1.4

Red's flight dash is removed
Purple's pain switch, Green's guitar and Yellow's cursor have cooldown
The Stick-Chars perform a random taunt instead of spamming to make a specific one.
Their taunt works like Pizza Tower except it ruins momentum.
Imma just put a list of additional stuffs and the changes I've made:
  • Everyone's normal speed and accelstart and acceleration have been set to default.
  • Changed Red's put put sfx.
  • Red's flying actionspd got buffed: 33 -> 38
  • Red's mindash got nerfed: 45 ->40
  • Red and Blue has a new running animation.
  • Blue doesen't have his dashmode and run on water flag anymore.
  • Silvar joins the gang
  • Silvar also has a new XTRAB0 image.
  • Silvar jump a bit higher because he can carry while floating.
  • Yellow also has the PF_CANCARRY player flag but not the run on water flag anymore.
  • Everyone (but not Silvar) has few new taunts.
  • When taunting, you get a really really short amount of invulnerability. (Kinda a parry, but I don't think you wanna spam that hard to dodge a single attack. I can say thanks to SpeedyBoi for his question about that, cuz it's fun to use that ability in my opinion and not only for the invulnerability)
  • Silvar's dash ability changed so the invisible red boosters won't be here to thrust you.
  • The rest of the gang got an additional ability (Purple got 2)
  • Green's guitar ability changed, instead of throwing a note, he damages nearby enemies.
  • Blue and Red can form a duo via the character selection in singleplayer. Even Yellow and Green. (Don't mind the small pictures of both duos in the character selection.)
I'm showing this because Red uses his jump spin ability instead of carrying you if you don't use a bot addon (foxbot by example)

with no bot addon:


Credits: Clairebun for the thok example script.
once again for the gunslinger code.

Well, that's all, have a great day ^-^
Hi, It's me again and today a new character original of mine appears.


So my little brother who also plays srb2, but cannot join SRB2mb (cuz younger than 13yrs) dared me to make a character the fast as I can, or else, he'd keep begging playing on my school PC to play SRB2 (when HE has a PC to play it). I didn't wanted my character to be messed up so I decided to make it as a robotic stick figure. I found the name, look and all. Took me 2 days due to some interruptions. And now, here he is.

Silvar is a robotic stick figure that was programmed to search some matters to help on scientific projects. When he was searching in an area, he located a mysterious force, and that was the Black Rock's. Arrived there, a huge portal sucked him and brought him into the SRB2 universe. Now, he is looking for the Black Rock.

Hold the Jump button in mid air to float

Dash/Speed Thok
Press C1 to quickly thrust forward

Note also that after dashing, the place where you dashed can thrust you away. (that's why you shouldn't use it sticking on a wall. And maybe not spam.)

After getting hit, use it to get back on track:

To roll into a ball when dashing, do SPIN+JUMP then C1:
(spindash cancel)

Spindash then Jump + C1

That looks like a Speed Thok

Dash Mode

The longer you run, the faster you are.

Silvar can also taunt!

This character isn't in the Stick Chars addon file, to download Silvar, click on the CL_Silvar_v1.0.pk3

ManBuxz for the gunslinger code

I hope you enjoy this second update. Have a nice day ^-^
If you noticed SPNGA's seemed a inconsistent (because in SPNGA3A7, they had long torso) :worry:
Well, you don't have to bother yourself for that.

Thanks to Dox the fox for the notice.^-^

Also, The Stick-Chars can now taunt :wow:


(I know you don't see the taunt well)

Share some of your emotions by pressing Custom 3

To make other taunts, press multiple times C3

After getting damaged, continue moving by taunting

And before Red, Blue and Green didn't had waiting animations, but now they do
Red w.png
Blue w.png
Green w.png

Hope you enjoy the new update and have A GREAT DAY! :)


Taunt sfx from Team New by BuggieTheBug

Addon used in some GIF
Enemies rushing behaviour from the Chaos Mode by clairebun .​