SRB2 Golf

[Reusable] SRB2 Golf v0.6.2.1

  • Removed a force shield left over from course testing. Sorry!

Just a quick fix. I've started working on something a bit bigger for the next update, but I don't have much to show just yet.

Plenty of fixes this time, including a way to hopefully allow players using the Simple control scheme to play golf normally.

  • Added a system similar to PlayersForExit, allowing server hosts to decide how many players to wait for before a map change countdown begins: 3/4, half, 1/4 or all player.
    • Added the playersforgolfexit command to allow changing the needed number of players before the level exit countdown.

  • Various tweaks have been made to Aether Shrine.
    • Added bodies of water outside the courses.
    • Tweaked course 8 (AGAIN) to allow players to complete it without resorting to High Putt mode.
    • All holes should now be completable with a hole in one! The course pars have not been changed.
      • Try to beat my record of 76110!

  • Bugs related to Strafe mode and Simple mode should be hopefully fixed. If you find yourself unable to turn your trajectory along with your character for whatever reason please contact me on Discord and report the steps taken to replicate the bug (my username should be in my profile).
  • Golf HUD items should now become transparent properly when using HUD transparency options
  • Fixed a few lua mistakes causing error messages
  • Players should no longer be able to damage enemies by falling on them while not spinning
  • Untweaked anti angle calculations that caused characters shooting at non-Euclidean axes to inverse their reactive currents at the moment of impact against unilateral sectors within the X tag spectrum. The changes should be apparent during normal play.

Known issues:

  • Shields are removed from players returning from spectator mode. This should be fixed in the next proper patch.
  • Cool!
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This update introduces a small "controls" sliding list to the top-right of the screen that can be toggled by pressing the Toss Flag key, as indicated by the sliding list itself.


This handy dandy list should go away after 45 seconds of inactivity, but can be summoned back at any time by pressing Toss Flag again.

  • Added sliding controls list
  • Players should no longer be able to hear other players toggling their High Putt mode
  • Removed unused texture and folders from the .pk3 file
Support for shield powers is here!

shield powers.gif

  • Added support for shield powers in golf courses. Players who pick up shields can use their powers by pressing spin while in the air
    • By default shields are lost when a player finishes a course. If you want your players to keep their shields into the next holes, add Lua.CarryShield = true to your level header.
  • Spectator mode should now work properly to allow players to look around the courses before putting.
    • Added a "you are here" sign to spectator mode to let players keep track of where they were before they started spectating
  • Two force shields have been added to course 8 of Aether Shrine
  • Course 2 of Aether Shrine had most of its empty space removed
  • Grounded collisions on walls should now carry more of your momentum before the bounce (for real this time)
  • High putt mode now defaults back to "off" after a putt
  • Removed Golferbrine
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Some course and physics adjustments have been made based on player feedback:
  • Added rings to Aether Shrine
  • Made Aether Shrine easier overall
    • Walls have been made higher in courses where players could easily launch themselves off the edges
    • Ring trails have been added to some courses to point out optimal paths
    • Shortened course 6
    • Course 8 has been made considerably less evil
  • Grounded wall bounces have been made slightly more responsive
  • Fixed a small scripting mistake leading to error messages