Some hotfixes, especially with Spyro's flames harming players in CobaltBW's (as of this writing) unreleased Chaos gamemode.

  • Fixed a LUA runtime error related to a missing player mobj check.
  • Fixed Spyro flames harming allies in Chaos gamemode.
Apparently hooking "MobjThinker" to all objects can get really expensive really quick. Esp. in massive stages w/ massive amounts of active objects (I'm looking at you Hollow Hill >.>). This update should mitigate those performance issues.

  • Fixed some performance issues related to windthrown objects.
  • Updated support for OLDC 2021 Round 1 (And 2020 Autumn).
A little something for the Spyro Community Day I guess. Mostly balance changes relevant to Battlemod along with some polish.

  • Nerfed Spyro's breath attacks:
    • Firebreath:
      • Has a slight windup.
      • Travels slightly slower.
      • Lower range.
      • Increased cooldown, esp. when carrying a flag.
    • Superflame:
      • Has a slight windup.
      • Increased cooldown.
    • Elecbolt:
      • Increased cooldown.
      • Speed nerfed greatly when charging up a stream.
    • Windbreath:
      • Increased cooldown.
  • Spyro's firebreath will go everywhere randomly if he's hit while breathing fire.
  • Spyro's firebreath will break Dirk's ice walls.
  • New animation when firing and walking at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue with Spyro's superflame fireball due to bad flags.
  • Support for the Jump Leniency addon.
  • Fixed an issue where Spyro could aircharge while headbashing.
  • Spyro will no longer be able to glide immediately after doing his wind breath.
  • Spyro will no longer headbash while aircharging.
  • Spyro can harm enemies if he's gliding very fast. Will bonk afterwards though.
  • Spyro's supercharge attack will now launch enemy players with a slightly higher knockback.
  • Spyro's charge speed is now slightly slower when he's carrying flag.
  • Spyro's charge now has a slight windup.
  • Spyro's headbash will start out faster and will create a shockwave that can harm enemies and players (in non-coop modes) if he has a Force Shield.
  • Forgot that Metal Sonic skin was in the "chargeableBonk" table for testing but I forgot to remove him from there. Should be gone now, whoops.
  • Made Flame the Dragon nonflammable.
  • Various console variables will now have CV_NETVAR flag due to sync issues.
  • Some console variables will print a message to the console when they're changed.
  • Moved most global functions to N1024_SPYRO global table.
  • New "spyro_controlmode" console variable. Now featuring a simplified control scheme.
    • In "Simplified" control mode:
      • Spyro can hover while gliding by pressing the jump button again.
      • Press the jump button after hovering to headbash.
      • This can interfere with Spyro's ghetto "superfly".
      • Spyro can breathe fire by pressing the Fire button(left click by default), except in ringslinger/Battlemod.
    • In "NormalAndFire" control mode:
      • Spyro can breathe fire by pressing the Fire button(left click by default), except in ringslinger/Battlemod.
  • "spyro_controlmode" now defaults to "NormalAndFire", meaning Spyro can now use his breath attacks with the Fire/left mouse button.
    • NB: To avoid conflicts, "NormalAndFire" controlmode will functionally become "Normal" mode in ringslinger gamemodes or if Battlemod is loaded and Spyro has a battle ability.
  • Battlemod:
    • Spyro can harm other players when gliding into them at very high speeds.
    • Tweaked charging priority stuff.
    • Spyro now has a shield stock of 2.
    • Fixed an issue where Spyro could flame while guarding if perfectly timed.
    • Firebreath can be blocked if a player is starting a spindash.
    • (CE) Firebreath should be blocked by priority 1 moves.. Assuming you only get hit once and not from the other subsequent flames because you got flinched/uncurled.
    • (CE) Fixed an issue where shield abilities were activating while charging.
    • (CE) Fixed an infinite height combo exploit when hovering after airdodging with the Whirlwind Shield by tweaking the glide cooldown.
  • Chaos Mode (Unreleased WIP as of this writing.):
    • Added enemies to chargeable/flammable tables.
    • The big Face Stabber mid-boss is non-chargeable and non-flammable. It will require assistance, either via Superflame/Elec bolts or another player. It can still be headbashed.
    • The Superflame fireball will deal 2 hitpoints worth of damage, killing most enemies in one shot.
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Updated to v3.7. A few tweaks and fixes.
Oops, missed some kinda important stuff, esp. for those that are running SRB2P and Battlemod. This should fix some of the glaring issues.
Updated to v3.6. Various tweaks and fixes. New things like wind breath along with SRB2P integration by Gambit.
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