This just feels like Spyro The Dragon in SRB2... Which is the point! it feels perfect, and looks pretty cool

i THINK that the sprites are roto-scoped from Spyro Reignited (I'm not sure) and it looks pretty cool, but i do kinda wish that Spyro had more of a custom art piece for the character selection where his "traced look" looks a bit more awkward than anywhere else.

But i'm not here to mess with an artists vision, and even if i was the art on the character selection screen isn't bad enough to remove points.

Great mod that feels exactly like the better Spyro games!
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With a wide range of abilities taken from his source material, Spyro truly feels like a character from another game entirely. Thanks to having an actual unique sprite set over his original "hedgehog" incarnation, he became fully realized visually too! A great character adaptation.
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