Speccy the Kitsune

Speccy the Kitsune v1.4 w/ Model

- I removed the Wall Cling due to how buggy it was.
- Twirl has been nerfed, preventing height gain, and overall having a longer cooldown.
- Swimming has been nerfed, with overall speed gain being lowered.
+- Now you can swim downwards by pressing Spin, you can no longer dive underwater as well.
+ You can land on top of enemies underwater to damage them.
+ You can now crawl around on the DSZ2 platform to lower it, preventing softlocks.

I forgot if I changed anything else, please report bugs to me as soon as possible for a patch release...

Speccy has W.I.P Metroid Vanguard support!
She can use Samus' Beams, and Missiles with her own makeshift Power Beam Cannon.
She also learned to talk somewhat, although some levels don't have text yet. (The icons used are NOT final.)
Speccy can now sit down if left idle for long enough!


(This was a pain to animate, hope you like it!!)

She also has jump abilities nowwww!!

First off, straight from NSMBW, if you're in the air from a jump, you can now twirl! (Thought of by: Mari0shi06)

This temporarily halts your downwards momentum allowing you to go further in the air!

She can now swim as well, just with a catch!
She cannot directly attack enemies, but CAN use her non-twirl mid-air, or on-ground abilities.

Hope you like the additions! Cya'll laterrr~
You now cling to walls much easier, instead of sometimes falling off-


That's all.


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Speccy can now wall cling, and jump.

Simply hold against a wall after you start to fall from a jump to cling onto it, after a bit you'll slide down though! However, if you press Jump, you'll jump off the wall in the opposite direction! It has a few kinks, but overall it works. Just make sure to face the wall if you're going to hold forwards-


Credits to BuggieTheBug, and delf for the wall check, and other things.
Salt here- 🧂

Anyways, fixed up some issues:
- Replaced model with updated one to solve 1UP icon crisis.
- Fixed some bugs related to dying, and etc... hopefully.
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- You keep momentum if you roll right as you crouch, you can also gain momentum.
- Fixed a few annoying bugs.
- Added MRCE support, should work perfectly.
- Still no BattleMod support (I am sorry).
- Unsure what else I did... oh right, Super Aura exists.