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Soniku11 Race Pack v2.2.6

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All maps were done by myself alone.

Most of them were thought to be wide and open on purpose to give more freedom to more mobile characters

Also im sorry theres no media for now
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Latest updates

  1. Small dumb fix.

    It apparently seems i had never noticed i accidentally uploaded the Coop pack, instead of the...
  2. General map reworks

    Most maps have received general improvements, like visually adding more variety, and shorcuts to...

Latest reviews

The care you put into decorating these maps is very apparent, great job!
I'd say they run into "too wide" territory far too often, but you mentioned that SMS was recommended in the release post, so I'm sure that was a design decision.

I'd love to see more verticality in these maps!
Otherwise, Welcome to releases!

(P.S. compress your music!!!)
about the last thing, i wish i knew how to, without end up fucking the audio quality in the proccess. What i do its directly grab the mp3 file, be that i just downloaded it from YT or somewhere else, send it to Audacity and export it as an OGG so i can addit to a readable form for Srb2, at no more than the max allowed for audios, 44kHz
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