Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

[Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 2.0.15 No Split Zip

Thanks to recent updates to the Message board, SRB2 the Past no longer needs a Split zip!

As a result the mirror link is no longer needed, but will stay up anyway.
This is the last bugfix update for version 2.0 of SRB2 the past. But that doesn't mean I'm dropping support for this mod.

fixes for 2.0.15:
Woodland Panic's midi again
2.2 Pity Shield monitor in "Dev Match" GFZ
Fixed legacy bug in multiple Egg Rock 1 maps that could cause a soft lock.
death pit issues with ERZ and ACZ resolved
wrong jettysyns in 2.0 castle eggman replaced
Updated an infocard
Fixed midi issue with woodland panic
fixed CEZ 2.0.7 door issue
Fixed final demo cez2 part of secret chain
fixed wrong flames in NAG and AGZ

Reminder, download instructions for the big orange button are found on
THZ hub tube can be broken, inserted escape current near the end.
Added pikaspoo's skin changes
added editing readme
Updated a hint to be more obvious.
Updated pipes in THZ hub in case of not triggering zoom tube for any reason
D3 THZ1 had messed up lighting, Caused by action 260 GZDoom FOF on every sector tagged 0. Had collision too.
Added new bushes to Castle Eggman hub
Added blue spring and sound effect to DSZ hub
fixed debris for ice wall
Made it possible to get 2 hits on the plasma drone each time it comes down to attack.
Global gravity is depreciated, replaced with level header option
Emerald sector check is depreciated, replaced with line def triggers
Replaced Special stage parameters with level header options
TGF Skims now properly ride the water up and down
Fixed RVZ3 Dev 98 having wrong boss settings
fixed a few metal sonic races
fixed an issue with MT_PDPARTICLE
Fixed a broken teleporter in Hydrocity
adjustments made in final cut scene
Due to the recent update of SRB2, SRB2 the Past is now broken. To continue playing in the mean time, please use SRB2 Version 2.2.10 until the next version of this mod is released.

Thank you for understanding, and we hope to have SRB2 the Past fully ready to go for 2.2.11 sometime within the next few months, if not sooner.
fixes the internal version number just in case there are issues with multiplayer
deleted duplicate snow flower sprites.
Attempted to actually upload the Almagamal stage this time.
Fixed issue with other missing files
Standard bug fixes:
issues with monitors being set wrong in multiplayer CTF maps fixed
fixed wrong era bushes on cloud palace 2.0
Fixed cloud palace 1.08's name
Started removing flats with matching textures
Finally addressed sprite issue with 2.2 style silver ring box

Made Amagamel available to play as a separate wad file. This stage was cut from the final release in favor of History Clash. Unlike History Clash, Almagamel would had appeared at the end of Sonic Doom 2's old museum campaign.

The name History Clash was used for the replacement stage as the spelling for almegamel could not be kept straight, and History Clash just sounded better.
Fixed the internal version number so that it's actually 2.0.10
Not much to talk about this time around, but It should be mentioned that this mod is not supported on mobile devices and that PCs are recommended.

Fixed wrong era emblem hint for Azure Temple.
Fixed teleport issue with Flying Battery act 1
attempted fix for playing with bots on ending cutscene.
fixed issue with being able to trigger red volcano without the chaos emeralds
Fixed sprite alignment for the development turret