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[Open Assets] Sonic Mania HUD

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Just a simple mod that changes the HUD to look more like Sonic Mania's, while not completely accurate on terms of colors, it's good enough to be put on netgames, I mean I always use it for netgames so it's probably good enough. I don't see any bugs with this but if you notice anything be sure to comment. It doesn't mark the game as modified so feel free to use this in netgames or just in general.
Also STTNUM1 has an offset of -1 to hopefully look better.

Update: Added Lap Bonus. And also made some ----_Bonus text consistent or whatever idc.

Update: Mod actually hecking works now. at least the comment section didnt notice that the mod actually was broken
Anyway for what actually was updated--
Ring Bonus now appears
Time Bonus sprite added
Time Bonus appears
Total, Time, and Ring Bonus offsets modified

hopefully i didnt oversight anything
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Pyrakid Wolfo
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