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[Reusable] Sonic Kart VR Mod v1.0.5

Any VR headset that can connect to SteamVR now works in Sonic Kart with full stereoscopic 3d and 6DoF head tracking. Both third person and first person modes are supported. Game must launched with either -opengl or -openvr to access the VR menu. Navigate to Video Settings -> VR Settings to find more options to configure the experience to your liking.

This was built on top of bird/moe-mansion as that mod already has the framerate unlocked which is required to make this work.



(gifs recorded by NotBub and Guil)

Source and Binary Downloads

Common Issues:
  • OpenGL Shaders must be set to ON in Video/OpenGL settings or else you will get a black screen with only the HUD.
  • If you have multiple GPUs like a laptop with integrated graphics and dedicated GPU, the game may not select the correct one and your headset will get a black screen. Change whatever system setting to force the game to be on your dedicated GPU.
  • It's possible to start the game facing the wrong direction which will also look like a black screen. Turn around and see if the menu is behind you. If it is, open steam VR settings, face forward, and reset your seated position.
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Latest reviews

Love the QoL settings and being able to hop in and out, but drifting in first person is slightly choppy and honestly just kills the entire experience for me right now.
Hope a future patch can fix whatever makes first person the way it is, will gladly try again when some solution is found/made.
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Works incredibly well. Makes first person bearable and makes playing the game much more immersive. Very good for those looking for a different way to play.
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Works wonderfully and looks fantastic.
Super easy to drop in and out of VR mode using the toggle.
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Srb2 kart is in VR!
Now you can control it like If you are riding a car!
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