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SRB2 VR Mod v1.0.1

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Any VR headset that can connect to SteamVR now works in Sonic Robo Blast 2 with full stereoscopic 3d and 6DoF head tracking. Both third person and first person modes are supported. Mod must launched with "-openvr -skipintro -win" to access VR. Navigate to Video Settings -> VR Settings to find more options to configure the experience to your liking.

Built off of the SRB2 Uncapped mod.


Source and Binary Downloads

Common Issues:
  • OpenGL Shaders must be set to ON in Video/OpenGL settings or else you will get a black screen with only the HUD.
  • If you have multiple GPUs like a laptop with integrated graphics and dedicated GPU, the game may not select the correct one and your headset will get a black screen. Change whatever system setting to force the game to be on your dedicated GPU.
  • It's possible to start the game facing the wrong direction which will also look like a black screen. Turn around and see if the menu is behind you. If it is, open steam VR settings, face forward, and reset your seated position.
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  1. SRB2VR 1.0.1 - Rendering fixes

    This fixes users having to change their steamvr rendering scale in order to see the game...

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Played though the campaign, had a good time.
But man, my eyes hurt.
Great mod, would definitely recommend if you have access to a VR headset!
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