Sonic Adventure Genisys

[Reusable] Sonic Adventure Genisys 2021-04-10

This Is A Great Mod!
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Earlier, speaking of your levels, I... didn't like them for many reasons, but this...

Holy jesus what a good mod this is. This is truly one of the best I've ever played. This is an amazing and exciting story, this is a very cool experiment and I really like it. Thank you for that!
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fantastic would play again smh
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needs more checkers
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10/10 wuld play again

Sooo.....when are we getting Aknuckles as an actual playable character.....
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I'm confused at how you create such things in a short time span. Seeing your recreations of Station Square, Mystic Ruins, and Windy Valley made me feel so nostalgic. And yes, you did make me want a Sonic Adventure remake in SRB2. lol

This was a funny idea at a parody. It works on multiple levels, making fun of The Terminator Genisys and modern Sonic design philosophy. I suspect the idea just started with the fact that "Genisys" sounds like "Genesis." lol

Oh, and we get a new character with this too. It's basically just a reskin of Knuckles, with different sound effects, but it makes the add-on feel much more complete. Using your version of Knuckles, who often has a fake Arnold Schwarzenegger accent anyway, for the "Terminator" was brilliant.
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Yooo Roger back at it again with the bangin mods
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You were right in that the mod has a bit of a slow start and tbh the Station Square segment might have been better off cut entirely (except for the cutscene, that was funny), but the rest is quite enjoyable. Extra points for being a level pack revolving around a single character, those are not common.

The ambition was nice to see too - you didn't give up in trying to make cutscenes work (what's here is simple stuff, but well done), the last level had an interesting atmosphere, and that was a cool spiral slope you had going in the Windy Valley stage. Or an *attempt* at one... not like mine are any better, hah. The "Kart Guides" section of the forum has a little something that can help you if you're going to make more of those in the future (the info there can be applied to vanilla SRB2 mostly as-is).

Besides, it has checkers. That makes it a good Sonic game.
Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.
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I love everything about this mod from making fun of modern level design, to how everything looks like Green Hill now or how you made fun of Sonic's terrible puns, i just love it so much.
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An action-packed thrill ride from start to finish! I got chills, I was moved, and I got my adrenalin pumpin'. No confusion here; this mod is a damn good one.
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