Scaledflower Zone

[Reusable] Scaledflower Zone 1.2

Version 1.2 fixes the bug with shrinking on checkpoint reload, so you will no longer shrink if you are already shrunken, like from a checkpoint. I have also added a "dontshrink" command! Type "dontshrink" in the console and you will no longer shrink on spawning in the map. Remember, those tiny crawlas will still hurt you!


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Thanks to Othius, the slopes at the end of the map have been fixed to work properly. In their words:

"For some reason GFZ1 uses this awful method of 1fu sectors for slopes at the end, which completely died when you scaled the stage down. I added them back manually. I also gave the slope by the life a ramp sector effect so it doesn't stop the player dead in its tracks."

So thank them for fixing that up!