What started as a dumb meme that I found on twitter and an inside joke amongst my friends has now turned into a full-fledged SRB2 Kart Racer! In addition to the joy emoji this unique racer is known for, he also wears a blue tinted symbiote suit based on the meme's origins from the Spider-Man comic, "Kraven's Last Hunt".

RIP BOZO has a speed of 3 and a weight of 8 which makes him pretty tough to bump off the track compared to other racers. His sound effects are taken from bits and pieces of Chief Keef's "Laughin' To The Bank" which should be an interesting surprise when selected.
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As much as I want to cry and scream about this abomination, I can't. It's too beautiful. Too magnificent. Goddammit, you've beaten me.
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