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heres a mod based on the "retro mario" meme, i started this as a joke cus i was bored in my study classes, hes nothing special and is a harmless joke mod, so dont go acting like i killed your grandma cus this mod is "bad" i already know!

this pk3 includes

retro mario, he is slow and a bit weird to control but his high jump makes up for it! he also has a badly made swim

it is 100% possible to complete the vanilla campaign in this state and dont whine about it either

have fun ig? :threat:

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Latest reviews

this mod is actually extremely fun, and i liked playing through the game as mr. retro himself

i'd love if you made him play even more retro like with smb1 features/physics maybe, but its awesome the way it is right now anyways

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This is one of those joke mods done correctly to me. I definitely have to say that this is my second most favorite joke mod the MB has! This character you made is still just funny to see but doesn't go as far as adding so many meme sprites/sfx, then slapping it as a "joke" to avoid how bad it is. Instead, its very simple but effective and I love that.
While it doesn't effect the mod there is a few vanilla flags that could have been used to make it more retro.
But generally I do just have to say thank you for making a joke wad done right.
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so retrolike........

but honestly, this could turn into something semi-accurate to the real smb1 gameplay
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So Retroactive 10/10
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So #retro I love it so so much I just love it I love it I breath it it is cocaine to me it is addicting
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it really do be yippe wahoo man from the hit series soup maro brothers

(also it's fun)
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All that this "RETRO" man can do is jump and walk stupidly? S tier.
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SO RETRO !!!!!

but for real tho, this addon is fun tbh
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