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i made you regret green flower zone existing? well here you go! more green flower, go to no save mode, choose character, and BOOM play the level i made! there are rings, enemies and SECRETS!

also don't ask about the icon, its just there
oh now it has

S L O P E S !

cause i was bored, i also fixed how one of the secrets should be in cave
also i used metal sonic cause... why not?!?!
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Latest updates

  1. update, 2 or 3 i think 3? any way, it EXTENDED!

    i made more level area, still WIP so yeah sry for no screen shots, inda forgot lol
  2. new name, new fixs ( just a secret, okay!?) also SLOPES !

    title is pretty much what i added

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The level was pretty short is sweet. Your banik placements are alright and the map is just one sided, very thin and impossible to not find the goal like mario. Overall the map is fun, Nothing to hate about it.
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Welcome to releases. I do see you've been learning!
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{insert name here}
i watched a few tutorials thanks for reseleasing!
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