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[Reusable] Red Sonic The Hedgehog 1.01

My first character mod and because of my sprites skills he will use the vanilla ones

He is nothing special just sonic with fire abilities

Basics abilities and tweaks:
Jump: Multi Thok
Spin: Double jump
Tossflag: A ring
Fire immunity
fire follow item
Super sonic can fly (check the super gif)
Custom2: Super sonic can boost (check the super gif)
You have infinite lives

Little note: When you are super and you are carried by a player press the Fire button and then the jump or spin button to don't be carried.

By pressing custom1/3/Fire normal .Check the Fire attack gif

By going fast and using your fire ability, the fire will go behind you
If you press Fire normal while exiting a level you will spawn fire

Credit: Alacroix#9812 : XTRAB0 sprite that I found in this addon:
  • Double jump.gif
    Double jump.gif
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  • Fire attack.gif
    Fire attack.gif
    5.8 MB · Views: 300
  • Fire Follow item.gif
    Fire Follow item.gif
    3.4 MB · Views: 328
  • Fire immunity.gif
    Fire immunity.gif
    4.1 MB · Views: 157
  • Multi thok.gif
    Multi thok.gif
    2.8 MB · Views: 153
  • Ring.gif
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  • Super.gif
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  1. The "Why I did not notice this" update

    While I was playing as Tails with Red Sonic loaded I realise that Tails got the thok ability...

Latest reviews

maybe its my lack of skill, but this made red volcano zone way more fun to play.
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This character is good, I'm honestly just looking forward for a huge nerf for him next update. Everything except for that double jump I mean, I actually think that needs to be buffed a little bit more. Otherwise, nothing really else to say about him, good job!
Sonic 12
Sonic 12
Thank you
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I'll be kind cus I see potential, The multithok is a little bit to overpowered, and the fireball ability is way too strong. I suggest toning down the S_SKIN values and changing the multithok to a momentum homing attack? Anyways, great char you got here.
Sonic 12
Sonic 12
But what do you mean by saying that is fire abilities is way too strong?
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I think there's enough here to start forming a coherent identity, though it does kinda feel like you put a lot of different experiments onto one character. If you really focused on what makes this Sonic "on fire," I bet he'd find a stronger identity.

Your code is a bit on the messy side. Using whitespace like tabs consistently can go a long way towards helping your code be readable. More importantly, you shouldn't really ever have more than one ThinkFrame hook, especially when you're looping through the player list like that. Not only does it make your code harder to keep track of, but it can even start to cause lag.

It's always cool to see people learning Lua. Welcome to Releases!
Sonic 12
Sonic 12
thank you
I was learning Lua for a little time
I will try to improve it
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