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The Masked Warrior by Excelence Storms SRB2!!


After definitely not finishing this in like a month or two but slacking off until the anniversary was a week away so we had to hurry up and get the finishing touches super fast--

Meta Knight is here :)​

- All Sprites by Kíbito Áyame

- All Character Artwork by Kíbito Áyame

- Tutorial textbox graphics by Kíbito Áyame

- Captain Vul Sprites by Bendedede

- Trident Knight Sprites by HattyBoyo

- All Programming by TripeltheFox

- Halberd Map by Ordomandalore

- Release Trailer by VirtualVanto

- Special thanks to Hydro and MaximusUniversal

- Special(er) thanks to everyone i just mentioned (they are awesome.)

-Normal Attacks-

- Double Jump(s)


Meta Knight's got about 5 extra jumps due to his wings, very useful for platforming.

- Triple Jab


Press spin to attack with your sword, there's 3 variations of it, the first two are fairly normal sword slashes, but the third one makes you stay in place as you thrust your sword multiple times, you can still rotate while you do this.



Press custom 2 to make Meta Knight crouch, then press jump to do a slide, works the same as it did with Kirby, but Meta Knight is too cool so he uses his sword instead of his feet.

- Air Slash


Press spin while in the air and you perform a single air slash, it'll do damage as long as you keep the button pressed.

-Down Thrust


Jump and duck to perform a downwards thrust of your sword, it bounces off of enemies so you can get a pretty good height with it, and helps keep momentum, especially if combined with the dash attack (keep reading :).

- Mach Tornado


Hold your attack until your body start flashing, then let go and you can perform Meta Knight's most known move, hold the jump button to go up as well.

- Sword Beam


An alternative to the Mach Tornado, instead of letting go of the spin button, press jump when your charge is full instead, this lets your next attack be a powerful sword beam, useful for distance attack.

-Dash Attacks-
- Dash Mode


Keep your momentum uninterrupted for long enough and you'll activate dash mode, which lets you perform two extra attacks.

- Dash Spin


This works by either jumping during the dash and doing an air slash or a downwards thrust, the latter is very useful for keeping speed at tight curves.

-Dash Lunge


A powerful forward thrust that increases your speed slightly, but you come to a stop when it finishes, however you can easily cancel it by just jumping again.

- Swimming


It's more of a passive ability, it activates by going underwater immediately and lets you swim as much as you want, as long as you can keep your breath of course, works the same way it did with Kirby.

- Cape



Basically, using the commands [metacape] [example palette] or [metacape] [none] in the console, you can either change the color of Meta Knight's cape independent of his body or remove it altogether.

v1 - Initial release. There's nothing here. Go home.


I really gotta thank all the people that worked on this with me or supported me while making this, making Meta Knight for this game was the first thing i thought of back when i first played 2.1 in late 2018, hadn't made anything this big before, so in an insanely small way this is a dream come true.


None of the time i spent on this was wasted, and i'm happy we're releasing it so it means the same for the others.


Also yes this section was just an excuse to share the extra artwork i made for him :) hope you enjoy.
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Latest reviews

Really cool mod from the community once again! A lot of stuff is within this mod, and I enjoy that! There's one small bug, though. Whenever I encounter an item monitor, it doesn't have the icon. Is this intentional? If not, please fix it. But again, really cool mod!
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Ahem. Jokes aside, MK here feels very unique, and fits right in next to Kirby. Sword slashes are simple, but effective in clearing your path of enemies. Sword stab with Dash Mode feels really nice, and being able to jump out of it to do a sword spin makes it extremely satisfying to use sometimes. Sword beam is useful on occasion, and feels very streamlined to get charged up to. Mach Tornado is a very interesting way to travel vertically, and can help MK get around much better than he already can. Having multiple jumps is also a nice spin on how Kirby similarly has limited flight.

Very fun, 7 emeralds collected in main game. Go play him. :)
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I love him, his sprites are beautiful, his abilities are fun, well balanced, pretty useful and really fun to play, you're just so free when playing as him, I even got through a lot of Knuckles' or Amy's/Fang's ways with this crazy guy.

Also, the tutorial level was amazing, but you should maybe give an indication to go back to the elevator (I got stuck there for some minutes until I decided to try going back)

Only things that kinda anoyed me were that you aren't able to cancel the down thrust, wich isn't bad at all, just a little anoying, and that there's nothing crazy hiding for the 7 emeralds, I know it's not obligatory, but there's a lot of (actually lost) potencial for him and the chaos emeralds, like letting him use his Mach Tornado from MetaKnightmare Ultra (the double tornado attack that kills everything) when having enough rings or giving him the "Master Sword" from Kirby And The Amazing Mirror (is his own sword but powered up) or something more unique like summoning his partners or Galacta Knight him self (I know he doesn't have to much to do with this, but normally Meta ends up figthin' him in his MetaKnightmare modes, also I absolutelly love Galacta so I wanna see him, sorry)
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Aright my first time reviewing
So I want say, Meta Knight Controls really smoothly, really show casing how fast he is with sword swings, even if if he lacks reach the next swing will remove any obstacle in his way.
Dash mode is nice I'm happy to see his wings pop out, and it's not overpowered dash mode, nothing wrong with those but sometimes just a simple speed boost is what you need
As someone who has played a lot of kirby games, I really do enjoy how you managed to translate so much of his Super Star moveset in, even the death animation shows the attention to detail you were willing put into, and when booting Meta Knight up, seeing him fly across the screen was such a joy when I saw that for the first time, really adds a lot of character to this addon.
I will say I have one issue and that's his Meta Multithrust attack, if you use it you are stuck for a few seconds and feels like a pace breaker, but that might be intentional as it feels similar how it was in Super Star, but it does feel a bit weaker compared to Lunging Slice, or Knight Spin/Meta Chop and Thrust, Not something that kills this character, but I found ever so slightly inconvenient when I used it, but again it's probably like that for a reason.
Unrelated, but I like making Meta knight grey, it's not perfect but it's close enough to a Dark Meta Knight and that's pretty cool.
Anyways, this is really fun addon and the work you put in it shouldn't go unappreciated.
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The character is fun, the spritework is top notch, and that tutorial level made me feel like I was playing an entirely different game! I've never played a Kirby game but this makes me feel attached to Meta Knight. The quality here is very hard to rival.

Some issues:
- It's possible to raise Lua warnings by setting metacape to am out-of-range skincolor number, and you can get especially strange effects if that number is negative!
- The walk and run sprites don't make use of flipped frames to make left/right arms and feet consistent (see the WALK and RUN_ sprites on the vanilla characters for reference).
- You left your debug command in ;)
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this reminds me of meta knightmare and the mod works pretty good
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Insert a Right Back At Ya quote here
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my wait was worth it
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i cant join in servers with metaknight so i cant play as him :(
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this is great! i hope King Dedede comes out very soon! :)
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