Raph's Character Pack

Raph's Character Pack R2 - Zella, Willo & Gale

Hey, ya'll. been a while (in the Kart side, anyway).

With SRB2Kart's incoming 4th anniversary this month, I thought now's the time to show y'all a few previews, details of current progress and other plans for the upcoming Release 3 of Raph's Character Pack:


Gemma has been completely remade from scratch, now based on her current "v2" look in SRB2, featuring an entirely new bike also sprited from scratch, now moving away from minenice's (rather dated) bike template. She also now sports a different hairstyle from her vanilla SRB2 counterpart, as a sort of a "futureproofing" measure for the upcoming formerly-SRB2Kart-v2-now-a-separate-sequel Dr. Robotnik's Eggman's Ring Racers (excuse my Japanese Sonic purist side) as it will feature a ChrispyChars-esque "neck" component of sorts that allows racers to turn their heads. I thought Gemma's usual "braid" hairstyle would clash with it unless I make the braid into a separate follow item or something, so I decided to change her hairstyle exclusively for Kart and the upcoming Ring Racers. Yeah, her tail is already getting in the way as seen in her A5 sprites, but honestly, her tail is probably gonna be the only "follow item" she will have in the future. Her stats and voice will remain unchanged.


Starlight's Willo has also gotten a resprite, now based on his current design. His voice will also be replaced with the voice of Naota from FLCL. Outside of that, his stats will remain unchanged.

A resprite of Frostiikin's Gale is also in progress. Frostiikin is also thinking of replacing her voice clips, as she felt that Sash Lilac's voice doesn't really fit her very well, but nothing is set in stone yet, so she may keep this voice for a while. Outside of that, there will be no changes in stats.

I'm also planning to resprite Zella, as well as my sona, Raph the Bird, as it no longer reflects my current PFP since I redesigned him in early 2022.

Other than those 5 resprites, 4 more new racers will also be added, 2 of mine, and 2, once again, from my friends. You'll find out who they will be soon, maybe.

Anyways, that's all from me, I guess.

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