Quartz Quadrant Zone Bad Future

Quartz Quadrant Zone Bad Future 1.4

so... i just remade every texture in that ending part because im working in blizzard bedlam (now with semi proper time travel) but quartz quadrand wont be changed, i'm too lazy to do that
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1.- changed the candy pole textures because it looked ugly and really deorganized
2.- added 2 poles slopes to look cooler
also now working on blizzard bedlam :)
uuuuhhhm, i need some lua coder to give an ability to this lil buddy
its supposed to be an enemy,when he spins he launches an exploding gift that freezes you, and something like an orbinaut that launches snowballs that push you without taking damage (not sprite yet)so if anyone wanna help me go to the discussion part and tell me you want :)
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modified the lava part to make it more challenging
here is a update where i changed entirely the part with the door and the enemies, i wont spoil, go and discover it yourself!, also added a new mini elevator with my multiplayer quality seal.

credits to Nesmanx for the new room idea
somebody: mr triant you cant *SNOOORT* just edit *SNOOORT* FHZ's trees and name them as new ones

also thanks for 100 dwnloads (/◕ヮ◕)/