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Hi, Finally the boy is Here for help him friends.
Note: First, I leave a little note for prevent some things.
(SORRY >.< Just This Game Dont Is Friendly If You Change Constatly The Z Of The Char,
I Tried Do My Best To Fix This Stuff I Put A Second List Of Possible Solutions Of Some Bugs,
THX For Read.
///List of Bugs///
0- You cant see him sprite while switching colors in the player setup.
1- While Others Fliying Characters Carry Pterabyte--->(Get Stuck While Someone Carry You).
or Trying Grab Some Rideable Stuff Like:
.Grab Bars(Egg Rock Zone)--->(Get Stuck Forever).
.Rideable Missiles(OLD Brak Eggman)--->(Get Stuck While Ride).
.RopeHangs(Arid Canyon, Egg rock Zone)--->(Get Stuck Forever).
2- While Using Macespins--->(Weird Teleport).
3- While Using Minecart--->(Instakill To You).
4- Rollout Rock Can be Become Useless--->(Make The Rock Impossible To Use Permanently).
5- While Touch Ceilings Of Plataforms In Reverse Gravity Zones--->(Get Stuck).
How To Detect Gravity Zones ---> The camera Got Strange Up Zoom.

///List of Bugs What Can Be Solved With Some Actions In Game///
1- While in a zoomtube If you get stuck(Guaranteed):
(Press Jump Button Each Time You Get Stuck, If Jump Button Dont Work Use Spin Button).
2-If You Touch The Ceilling Of Plataforms Of Reverse Gravity Zones(Possible):
(If The Char Get Stuck Just Move To The End Of That Ceiling Structure And Press Jump or Spin While Out The Ceiling Range).
-Jump Sign:(While On Floor, Hurt, doors or traitors that sign tells you how to begins the character Flying or move again).
jump sign.gif

Now The Skills :
-Fly up and down : (Press Jump button to fly up and press Spin button to fly down).

- Rush : (Press Custom1 button and forward button to rush).

- Super Pterabyte :(Only with God command, add Auto attack if the enemy stay close of him).

The Passives:
-Breaking Doors: (Pterabyte Can Destroy Mine Doors).
mine door.gif

-Spikes Breaking: Only While normal flying(not rush or fly up and down).
-Wall Breaking: Same as knuckles.
TIP: Use Knuckles ways This Guy Cant Spin.
-Reject Shields: Him Instantly Removes Any shield implemented on pterabyte.
Extra Info :
-TRAITOR: (If Pterabytes enemies try grab Pterabyte him insta kill the traitor Pterabyte).
Pterabyte Was adjusted to be same attack form of the NPC, Lets Explain:
If Pterabyte try to touch enemies or monitors without him correct range this happen.
wrong attack.gif

wrong monitor.gif

Now the Question Is What is him correct angles?, Stay Up from your enemies or monitors:
correct attack.gif

correct monitor.gif

If you want skip all that angle stuff just do rush.
rush attack.gif

dash monitor.gif

-Thx For Read:wonderful:-
Hey...You missed tiny pilot of the penguinator?
yep other tiny pilot is here yee!!!
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Latest updates

  1. (Fixed Stuff And Added Stuff)

    -Important: Be sure to get the console command "Flipcam" in >Off< if you got the option in >On<...
  2. Emergency Fix Update

    HI, here the Updated List of bugs.

Latest reviews

(Note that I played the 1.0 version of this character)

I really enjoyed this character addon, who knew I would enjoy playing as the enemy I hate the most? But in all seriousness, this is almost perfect. Outside of a few bugs and getting stuck once I enjoyed this. I also like the little details added as well since you're playing as a rouge Eggman/Robotnik robot.

Another thing that bugs me is the lack of model support, which doesn't ruin it too much.

I feel like with a few extra tweaks and touches I can see this becoming a high-tier mod.

All in all, makes you feel like a real Pterabyte.
Thanks for the review i try do my best to make him the most similar pterabyte experience like the npc in red volcano :)
Upvote 0
Very good addon! Although I wish it had more movements...
soon dont worry :)
Upvote 0
Really good mod you've made here! It feels excellent to just soar through a level as fast as possible! In fact, I've discovered it's possible to speed through RVZ without actually losing any speed!
There is one tiny nit-pick I have though - I feel like going up and down during flight is way too slow. In ACZ1 I was able to get to the road bridge in 20s, but it took a further 15s to go down that steep hill after it. This is why I'm only giving it 4 stars, and not 5.
But still, you did a cracking good job here, keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback about the fly speed while ascending or decending, i try change that for get better flying experience in the soon big fixed stuff :)
Upvote 0
SCREE! (Thats means Nice mod!)
SCREE! (Thank Pterabyte Bro!)
Upvote 2