Ritsu's Drums Is Here!

[Reusable] Ritsu's Drums Is Here! V.1.2(Fixed stuff)

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Added sounds:
-Cymbal C.
-Tom C.
Fixed Cymbal B Sound.
Fixed buttons(Better order):
-Cymbal A: Weapon Select 1 button.
-Cymbal B: Weapon Select 2 button.
-Cymbal C: Weapon Select 3 button.
-Tom A: Weapon Select 4 button.
-Tom B: Weapon Select 5 button.
-Tom C: Weapon Select 6 button.
-Symbal And Tom: Weapon Select 7 button.
-Clap: Custom 1 button.
-Drum Sticks: Custom 2 Button.
-1...2...3...!: Custom 3 button.
Tag Character for sample--->:threat:
(For use in other character Change the tag character name in the file).
Hi, i made a little lua.
1.What is this?
-Simple is a portable drums in srb2.
2.Why this?
-I Love rhythm games and i just wanted some rhythm in srb2.
3.Thats a Refence of K-On!?
-Yes the reason why i love this stuff is for K-On!.
4. Sounds in pack?
-7 Sounds.
4.How to Use:
Use with Select weapon buttons.
-(Guide in Spoiler)-
-Drum Sticks: Weapon Select 3 button
-Clap: Weapon Select 6 button
-Cymbal A: Weapon Select 1 button
-Cymbal B: Weapon Select 2 button
-Tom A: Weapon Select 4 button
-Tom B: Weapon Select 5 button
-Symbal And Tom: Weapon Select 7 button
---Make Ritsu Proud Of Your Drum Skills---
ritsu drums.jpg
:wonderful:Thx for read, i hope you all liked this lua:wonderful:
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This gives me enough rhytm to keep up the beat and give this lua an 5/5
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