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[Reusable] Plugin skills: Flame Aura and Will-O-Wisp

This was originally intended to be used as a custom character skill, but got dropped during development. I did not want it to disappear, so I added a framework for easy attachment to any character. These are intended to be used by those who wish to equip a character with an original skill, but it can be used on any existing character. The skills are not available in ringslinger game types. In the demo attachments I gave Sonic the Will-O-Wisp and Tails the Flame Aura. You can't attach both of these to the same character skin.

Here is a quick overview:
Flame Aura
- needs to be charged with rings
- activation blast radius can hurt enemies
- respawns flames for the next 30 seconds after activation
- aura also respawns with the S3K Flame Aura Shield
- aura charges are reduced on getting hit
- can have 2 flames at a time
- not available at boss maps

- is activated by going into your waiting state
- recharges automatically with a S3K Flame Aura or Elemental Shield
- only 1 flame at a time
- flame life time is one minute, life time is refilled by going to your waiting state
- no rings needed
- can be used at boss maps (but ammo is limited to 4 shots), getting hit while your flame is out costs you 1 ammo

The download zip includes instructions and some example registration files for this to work. To use this correctly you have to load the files to your game in the correct order:
- any custom charaters you want to use
- VL_Plugin_FlameAura-v1.0.wad
- any registration lua files (for example VL_Register_Example.lua)

Have fun with this.

Credit goes to:
K.S. for the Boss Health bar graphics
And myself for lua coding.
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