Plom Pack is a compilation of tracks that range from originals, ports, or those themed after my original setting. Tracks within each cup may be released out of order.


Freedom Planet
=Dragon Cup=

=Battle Maps=

Lumiva Drift Tour
=Neuo Cup=

=Resort Cup=

=Battle Maps=

General Maps
=Ridge Cup=

=Pentagon Cup=

=Bonus Maps=


-NEW RACE MAP: Amethyst Drive
Pentagon Paradise
-Added impassable walls on the fences directly in front of the waterfalls.

-NEW RACE MAP: Rec 'N Rally
-NEW BATTLE MAPS: Lilac's Treehouse, Bumper Barrage, Mhh ha ha ha (MAP HELL)
Mantalith Temple
-Steep slopes at the beginning of the track has physics disabled.
-Lowered the springs panel ramp and raised the shortcut platform at the undergound entrance to prevent players from taking the shortcut sneakerless.
-Now recieved Encore support.
Construction Gym
-Now recieved Encore support.
-REMOVED MAP: Super Center Circuit
Reason: Replaced by the new Rec 'N Rally track.

-NEW MAP: Construction Gym
Showtime Showdown
-Added dogs.
Super Center Circuit
-Speed pads have been slightly enlarged.
SIK Fortune Night
-Music has been changed to a new remix.
-Invisible walls were added around the bridge.
Pentagon Paradise
-Added wind sectors on the first jump to push slower players onto the landing platform.
-Signage has been added on the first turn.
-Offroad around the first shortcut ramp has been strengthened.

-The following maps have recieved a new speed pad texture:
Lilac Lake
Mantalith Temple
Showtime Showdown

Super Center Circuit

-NEW MAPS: Fearnought Factory, Cyber Scramble, Grit Pit, Pentagon Paradise, and Yoshi Island (MAP HELL)
-The above new maps (except for Yoshi Island) have Encore support while the following maps have recieved Encore support:
Lilac Lake
SMK Rainbow Road
Erizo Isle

-NEW MAP: Mantalith Temple

-NEW MAP: Lilac Lake
Showtime Showdown
-Added an Instant Kill sector to prevent an exploit.
SIK Fortune Night
-Added extremely minor decoration after the first U-Turn of the track.
-Reintroduced the shortcut in a new way.

SMK Rainbow Road
-Removed checkpoints from the edges of the track to prevent possible GBJs from occuring.
Erizo Isle
-Changed the road texture to be darker sand for the jungle section.
-Signpost now lands on the center of the finish line.

-NEW MAP: Erizo Isle
SMK Rainbow Road
-Fixed checkpoint respawns around the sloped sections of the track.

-NEW MAP: SMK Rainbow Road (Reimagined)
Rustic Joyride
-Fixed a broken vertex slope.
-Added some fences and an arrow sign around the left turn leading into the temple area.
SIK Fortune Night
-Changed a fence into a wall to avoid confusion on a decorative bridge being a supposed shortcut.

Rustic Joyride
-Fixed the offroad sectors around the finish line to have the Circuit Finish Line property.
Showtime Showdown
-The road now has new decorations to improve readability.
-The ramp for the big jump now has Spring Panels.
-The sloped area of the big jump section has slope physics disabled.
SIK Fortune Night
-Added arrow signs on specific slopes to help players know which way to turn.
-Improved how the removed OP shortcut was hidden.
-REMOVED MAP: CTR Cortex Castle
Reason: Moved to CTR Track Pack.

-NEW MAP: Showtime Showdown
Rustic Joyride
-Raised most of the areas that were instant kill sectors. This change should change the dynamic of how you use Orbinaut Balls.
Super Center Circuit
-Fixed a potential GBJ area.
SIK Fortune Night
-Blocked off an OP shortcut that was near the end of the track.
CTR Cortex Castle
-Added the CTR Race Intro music that plays when the map is loaded.
-Fixed a potential GBJ area.

-NEW MAP: Rustic Joyride
Super Center Circuit
-Now has a new original music track.
-Has a new ceiling texture.
-Tire textures have been updated.
-Starting area has been moved to just before the finish line.
-Removed some purple barriers in straightaways.
-One of the U-Turns has been sloped.
-Mini-map has been updated to reflect changes.
-Has a new thumbnail.
SIK Fortune Night
-Outline has been added around the track.
-More guide arrows have been added based on feedback.
-First set of item boxes have been moved forward a bit.
CTR Cortex Castle
-More guide arrows have been added based on feedback.

-Initial Public Release.
-Super Center Circuit has a new music track.
-Super Center Circuit now takes the L8 slot instead of the L3 slot.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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I think visually this pack really hits the mark. Everything looks good, and there's a great variety in terms of locales.
However, there are common issues when it comes to the layouts. There are lots of very steep slopes which block vision, as well as sharp, blind turns and little breathing room the allow racers to anticipate oncoming turns.
For me, Pentagon Cup in general feels rather cramped, and I wonder if all those maps would benefit from some mobjscaling.
Mantalith Temple and Construction Gym really stand out, both having very cohesive visuals and layouts that are largely enjoyable to race on.
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