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Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models - Sonic is back in a all new model pack!

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I was working on this for a couple of days now, so ive finally decided to release this!
Characters -- Sonic, and Fang
Other -- Fang's hat [Cosmetic], Drop Dash
Same as Jeck Jims ofcourse! Just extract the zip file and put it in your SRB2 folder and bam!

More will be added soon like characters, objects, enemies, and more!
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yooooooo these look fucking amazing
it almost looks like ur playing as the css art but without outlines lol

i do have one question tho...
are you ever gonna work on custom characters, or is this just vanilla??
if so i cant wait for some classics with this style lol

this would definitely fit the hedgebois lmao wink wink nudge nudge:threat:
Seems to have peelout support but uhh...


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I have an issue, the models itself work just fine, but the cosmetics model doesn't seem to work, which is odd.
Strange... seems like the cosmetic fang hat model seems to not show up, yet everything else is fine, is there something i'm doing wrong here? nonetheless i love the fang model as a whole
Hey! It's iamkumquat from Twitter and I wanted to ask. If it won't annoy you. By percentage how close is adventure sonic?:threat:
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Dude, he just worked with him yesterday, give him about 3 days if nothing else.
I say "3 Days" because that's how long it took to put together the entire package containing its release.