Otis Le PoOtis's Epicous Character Pack

Otis Le PoOtis's Epicous Character Pack V2

Imagine if Otis was any sexier...
I know, hard to imagine, but i asure you, it's real!

Skärmbild (48).png

Skärmbild (62).png

wow, big difference!


But seriously, i've changed up the animations so that they flow togheter better in game! Check it out!
A Square

Skärmbild (50).png

"Who is A Square?"
He's the main character of the 1884 thoughtexperiment about life in the 2nd dimension "Flatland"

"Why add him as a racer?"
Because I like him and he's funny.

"Why should I, an average srb2 forum user, download this character?"
Because this is the only mod that makes you feel like you are a 2 Dimensional creature

A Square's sprites are based on the 2007 adaptation by Ladd Eglinger JR

Skärmbild (56).png

"What else is new?"

I didn't just add a new character, i also updated Otis to version 3! He now has a bit more polished in his art, and finally Otis has custom stats! He also has new sprites for when he gets hurt, with instead of having sad eyes he has X shaped eyes.

From this point forward i wont be releasing the characters in WAD anymore, and i am officialy switching to PK3 from now on!

Thanks for playing!
A new version this soon after publishing, not a good sign, or a really good one? On one hand i might be changing it because V1 was bad, and on the other i might be changing it because i'm really engaged with it's development... You be the judge!

What did i change?:
  • Polished the sprite some more and fixed the sprites
  • Removed the custom sounds because they were to low to even hear in V1, might remake them in a future release.
  • I fixed so that the default colours were more accurate to the real character.
  • Gave backrounds to the portraits.

And that was everything notable that has changed!