Otis Le PoOtis's Epicous Character Pack

Otis Le PoOtis's Epicous Character Pack V2

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Otis Le PoOtis

Skärmbild (60).png

"Ugh, another darn OC!"

My first ever mod!

Of anything... Also my first time doing sprite work:

For my first time i'd say i did fiiiine

So what is this mod of? Well, it's a mod that adds Otis Le PoOtis (me) to the game as a racer! But who is Otis Le PoOtis outside of being me? He's a very, VERY small content creator that talks about movies and games that nobody cares about. Statistically you aren't invested in the stuff he does, so why would you want to have this mod? I don't know... If you like the design of the character maybe try it out despite not caring about me? or simply don't download it! It's up to you!

Skärmbild (62).png

A Square

Skärmbild (50).png

"Who is A Square?"
He's the main character of the 1884 thoughtexperiment about life in the 2nd dimension "Flatland"

"Why add him as a racer?"
Because I like him and he's funny.

"Why should I, an average srb2 forum user, download this character?"
Because this is the only mod that makes you feel like you are a 2 Dimensional creature

These sprites are based on the 2007 adaptation by Ladd Eglinger JR

Skärmbild (51).png

Gigantic thanks to BoomerDaCat for helping me make the pack itself!
Otis Le PoOtis
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