Omnix Pack v7.0! Sonic Riders Edition last part - Green Cave!!

Omnix Pack v7.0! Sonic Riders Edition last part - Green Cave!! 7.0

- Release of Green Cave
- Fixed a specific sector that could simply kill you in Crisis City
- Release of Square Quartet (Battle map and hell map)
- New version of Omnix pack banner in-game
- Changed some aesthetics in Amigo's City
- Item boxes are now under the balloons too in case you don't have enough speed in Amigo's City
- Fixed the black walls that would appear if you played Opal Coast in software mode
- Planet Wisp is a little smaller than the previous one now
- Added more new sounds that play while driving in Planet Wisp
- Fixed an issue that sometimes the paraglider wouldn't activate if you went too fast in Windmill Isle
- Changed the location of a specific sector near the tornado in Crisis City
- Crisis City is now a little bigger than the previous one and has more signaling
- Changed Crisis City ID due to a conflict with another map
- Changed Amigo's City music due to a copyright issue
- Fixed an issue that sometimes a specific sound doesn't play in Planet Wisp
- Release of Crisis City
- Now you can see Time Attack Ghosts even if the addon has lua
- Changed the route inside the little city in Amigo's City
- Changed some textures in Amigo's City and Opal Coast
- Added some new sounds that play while driving in Planet Wisp
- Hoping that this time the powerful cut is fixed in Windmill Isle
- Fixed some death pits that weren't working in Opal Coast
- Fixed a powerful cut you could make in Windmill Isle
- Now there is a different music for encore mode in Windmill Isle
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- Release of Windmill Isle
- Improved the performance of Amigo's City
- Adjusted the item boxes in the balloon part in Amigo's City
- Added more death pits in Opal Coast
- Fixed a specific area that you could be stuck in Planet Wisp
- Added more checkpoints in Planet Wisp
- Adjusted the position of the boost panel in the little shortcut of Planet Wisp
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- Improved the perfomance in Planet Wisp. A big shoutout to Fayt for helping me out here!
- Added some borders in the purple road to help the visibility in Planet Wisp
- A better skybox in Amigo's City
- Changed some areas in the mount section in Opal Coast
- Release of Planet Wisp
- Improved some curves in Amigo's City
- Removed some items in Amigo's City as it could make the map a little chaotic
- Updated the Time Attack Ghosts