Thanks for playing the SRB2 OLDC. This is the last release of this contest pack before the next one comes out, but here are some things you can do to tide you over:

- Squashed Axis2D bugs: Tab+Spin to exit during Something Zone no longer prevents you from walking forward in the hub (thanks to me), and new issues where characters could thok and spindash backwards if holding right are fixed (thanks to @Lactozilla).
- Updated Junkyard Jeopardy, which should now play as the author intended. My apologies to PhilJFou for having other submitters edit the map instead of giving him the opportunity to edit his map during the period of private OLDC prerelease testing, and further apologies for taking months to release an update with the changes he gave me.
- Added version number to the SP pack's CUSTOMVERSION field. It now reads "OLDC 2021 Round 2 v1.4" instead of just "OLDC 2021 Round 2."

Let me know if I broke something. Expect OLDC 2022 Round 1 to be released in the next few days (probably).
- Redefined a sprite whose definition somehow got lost
- Removed non-existent lump names from init.lua
- Bug fixes & corrections for Junkyard Jeopardy, Command Facility, Something, Blue Glacier, Pineapple Prairie, Follow Your Rainbow, The Twins Palace, Botanic Space, Rhyolite Ruin, Lucid Landscape, Caustic Crater, Sunset Summit, Iron Dominion
- Improvements to hub make it easier to get around
- All emblems now obtainable
- Improved MUSICDEF
- Removed some unused/double-defined stuff
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Thanks @Lach for the Lua fix!
EDIT: thought I put MUSICDEF fixes in, but apparently not. Expect them next patch.