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Nyoom Launcher - NYERRRRRRRRRRR!!!

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Hello! SRB2Kart is really fun, wouldn't it be cool, though, if you could configure your game before running it, though?

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That's right, I've made a launcher for SRB2Kart, and it's capable of lots of things, here and there. Currently, it can:
  • Start the game, directly connecting to a server you added to your favorites
  • Let you...

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1.0.0 - Or Is It Update

A lot has changed since 0.3.1, for the most part, I undershot for what I think was a lot of progress since its release. Since then, there's been a lot of work into the launcher, and now, before I knew it, the launcher is now in a complete and usable state. Make no mistake, however, that this is far from done. I simply just changed the versioning to be more conventional, and there's always room for improvement, so without further ado:

What's New?
  • Addon saving and loading!...

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Zachary Kuprys
I uh can't use a god damn launcher! because of this.
All I have to ask is why.


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I uh can't use a god damn launcher! because of this.
All I have to ask is why.
Sorry to hear about that, unfortunately, it's simply due to how the Godot engine, the tool I used to build the GUI, is technically more of a game engine, really. If it doesn't support your graphics card, it won't run. This is a very weird instance of this that I never thought I would actually see. Best I can do is say to hang tight.
I think what I would be interested in seeing in this launcher is the ability to load addon files into the launcher by simply dragging them into the window, along with maybe shortening the file paths as they appear in the addons tab to prevent scenarios like this if your SRB2Kart installation is buried in several folders:

There's also no option to re-sort the order addons are loaded in besides unloading and then reloading each file manually through the mouse or up+down arrow buttons like a few other SRB2/Kart launchers I've seen.

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