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[Open Assets] No Online Multiplayer Emblems v1.0.1

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When using this addon, players won't be able to see Emblems in Netgames, and they won't be able to get them. They might be able to seemingly get Record Attack Emblems, but they won't keep those Emblems after they quit the game. This is mainly accomplished through the usage of the new function, G_SetUsedCheats. Thanks to Xian for pointing out the existence of this function.

You'll be able to get and keep Emblems before you join or create a Netgame, but after you do, you won't be able to get any Emblems, including Record Attack Emblems, until after you restart the entire game, even if you play Singleplayer after having created or joined a Netgame.

To activate this addon, all you need to do is add the addon, and then it'll automatically be activated as soon as you create or join any Netgame.
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    Made the addon be less confusing. Before, it made emblems still show up on maps, but it didn't...

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Welcome to releases! Can't wait for that day 1 patch to be released lol
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