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This mod adds a console command that toggles Ultimate Mode, which can be used in Multiplayer.
You may also use this in Singleplayer, which may or may not result in a few bugs occurring... but why would you use this in Singleplayer if you could use real Ultimate Mode instead?

Type 'ultimatemode' in the console to be told how to toggle this mod's Ultimate Mode. Only the Administrator or a Moderator can toggle this mod's Ultimate Mode.

When this mod's Ultimate Mode is activated, and then the current map is re-loaded or a new one is loaded, the following things will happen unless another mod interferes with this mod:
-All players will always have 0 Rings.
-Players that die will stay dead until the current map is re-loaded or a new map is loaded.
-Players who join the server more than 1 second after the current map was loaded will die and stay dead until the current map is re-loaded or a new map is loaded, even if something gives them a Life, and even if Infinite Lives are enabled.
-Since I couldn't make Extra Life Monitors do nothing, and they were causing a bug, Extra Life Monitors will be removed when Ultimate Mode is enabled, and if someone has all 7 Chaos Emeralds as well, then Emerald Tokens will be removed too.
-Rings, Coins, Ring Monitors, non-Golden Shield Monitors, and Starposts will be removed from the game, like in real Ultimate Mode.
-Red Buzzes, Gold Buzzes, Jetty-Syn Bombers, & Jetty-Syn Gunners will be faster, like in real Ultimate Mode.
-Cannonball Launchers, Robo-Hoods, Jetty-Syn Gunners, and Brak(but not old Brak) will have a lower Reactiontime under some circumstances, like in real Ultimate Mode.
-Amy's Rosy Shield will end immediately upon being applied.
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even though i have not tried it yet it can get really crazy but still it is N I C E, Welcome to Releases!
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Welcome to releases!
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