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Welcome to the first Level I have ever made. play as your favorite character and get a unique experience out of it.
Platform through the grassy fields of yet another Greenhill clone. yay :|


or maybe take a offshoot to a dreary cave. ooh spooky :0


what are those signs for...
anyways there is also a dungeon thing for fang because I think it's cool.


the level has three exits. (I would show you, but file size limits are abysmal)
-this is where the gif would've been by the way-
(it also lacks music as sentinel never brought up custom music in his tutorial and I didn't want to use vanilla music)
I hope you have fun playing it unlike me when posting it.
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Latest reviews

It is, as stated, your very first level map. While i can accept that, there are a few flaws:

- There is not that much decoration on the level, other than what was in the gameplay and the gameplay shots. This especially goes to the cave section, as it feels like im playing the Final Demo CEZ1 all over again.
- I can understand that you didn't knew how to add the music, but i have a feeling that this would get a better rating with it. Music in video games just has to be a part of the location and atmosphere, which is what modders are trying to accomplish to this very day. You can find about coding it in on the official Wiki page. So in that regard, this gets a rating off here.

Again, it's not bad, but there is still room for improvement.
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Very good first map to be honest, I loved it
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As far as beginner levels go, it ain't half bad. I appreciate you actually attempting to make various gimmicks for the lesser used characters like Amy or Fang to interact with, even if in the first part they're quite shallow, and in the later doesn't take in to great account how limited the movement for Fang's bouncing actually is.
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Great, all I can say is that without music it's pretty spooky, how do I fix that? Other video game osts in the backround.
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Very good decoration and well presented to the view, althought theres many mixed concepts that together make no sense
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good first level, and feels better with KHBlast tbh, but its a lil short
i dont rlly care tho
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For someone's first level I gotta say, Great Job! The only real problem was the springs, And how it doesn't reach certain areas. But other than that pretty good level!
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Hey! This is not bad at all! This is a very solid first map, with a lot of care put into the environment design. That's hard when you're still learning the software! The outdoors areas are vibrant and well decorated, the cave exit is similarly well built.

...And the secret exit was certainly a bit spooky...

There's a few things I'd like to point out that are simple fixes.
* There's no music! You can add a Music line to your level header. Look here for valid music lumps in vanilla. You can also add your own which you can place in the pk3.

An example of this in the MAINCFG would be "Music = GFZ1"

* You don't need to upload this as a .zip! The message board allows you to upload the .wad file outright, completely removing the need for packaging your mods in a zip.

* The level goes into Greenflower Act 2, which is a bit silly for a standalone level. You can add a line that says NextLevel = TITLE, which will take you back to the title screen after the level is complete, and mark the save file as completed.
This would be in the MAINCFG as "NextLevel = TITLE"

* There are lots of texture misalignments! In Zone Builder, if you go into Visual Mode, you can press A on any wall to align the texture offsets.

Regardless, the effort you put into the map is considerable, so Welcome to Releases!
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