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MK64 Mario Raceway

The classic track from Mario Kart 64 rushes into SRB2Kart! Though it's changed a bit since the N64 era-a couple flowers blooming, some more trees-it's still the same raceway many have come to know and love.

A highlight of this course is our good friend Lakitu supervising the race!

He appears for the race countdown and for lap counting, to give the course that "authentic" feel.

Some new Lakitu sprites were made to accommodate for non-standard lap counts. Lakitu will count up to 5 laps before simply using a "NEXT LAP" sign.

This course has been something I've worked on in intervals since about November, and I'm really excited to finally get it out there. Hope you all enjoy racing on this course as I did making it!

Rueven, Water Vapor, Nugget, BigMacJam - General supervision and playtesting, polish.
Andrat - Ripped the Piranha Plant sound from the game, and the cloud textures that I based the background art on. Also created the hill grass texture.
Aqua MIDI - Remastered the MK64 race and time-trial start fanfares that are used here.
Nintendo - Original course model, many sprites and textures from MK64.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.2: The "I forgor to fix a starpost sector oversight" update

    -Fixes a problem with laps not counting due to a specific checkpoint row.
  2. Version 1.1: SOC Hotfix

    -Small update to the object SOC so that it doesn't conflict with other map packs.

Latest reviews

Really nice conversion overall! The only issue I have is that also everytime this map comes up in a net game as soon as the race starts we all get a SIGSEV and must rejoin, otherwise it's great to race on!
Ah, that's an issue I've noticed too when playing with friends. Will try my best to look into it!
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Brilliant map, very fun to race on. It's also very faithful to the original.
Can't wait for more maps from Mario Kart 64 to be made! (if you're ever going to)
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This took me back to the N64 days of crashing into every wall in Mario Kart. Now I can do it here too!
Fantastic recreation here, and shoutouts to the extra work you've put in for things like Lakitu's sprites and the music speed up on the last lap.

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