Minecraft Emerald Hunt (VS_Minecraft-v1.wad)

Minecraft Emerald Hunt (VS_Minecraft-v1.wad) 1

(Please be aware that emerald hunt is not functioning correctly at the moment in 2.2.0, so you will need to move around and get in range of a shard at a certain distance for the radar to activate, otherwise collecting 1 instead of 3 will clear the stage, also there's an issue with reading heights that shards are placed at so they will spawn in the wrong places)

I see the player you mean...


Yes, he has made our world in a game called Sonic Robo Blast 2 and after 4 years of gathering dust, it is now finished and has turned it into an emerald hunt stage.

What has this player built in this stage you speak of?

This player has made multiple biomes, Forest, Plains, Desert, Ocean and Taiga.
This player has built their shelter they call home in the Plains and has dug down to the caves below behind their home, to possibly discover more of these things known as emerald shards.
This player has also travelled to the nether and the end, where they constructed a nether fortress and the ender dragon's end island.
This player has made loads of different blocks from our world we call, Minecraft.

I see what you mean now...

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