= Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

[Open Assets] = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c] v1.5c

Hands down one of the best character\entire game mods for the game, so much attention to detail with how many new interactions were added and how much the gameplay was changed, genuinely feels like I am playing a different game. I feel like the SRB2 level design plays very nice with a more exploration-heavy character like this. awesome mod i love it
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Awesome stuff. Though personally I am not a fan of the change to force the player's crosshair to a particular one, I believe that should be up to the player's preference entirely.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Sorry about that! I'd have preferred to give a prompt letting players know SRB2's crosshair isn't accurate for Samus and let it be auto-swapped once, but a silly SRB2 update now prevents Lua from affecting the crosshair.

It's only active while Samus is loaded, at least.
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Overall this mod is good but there is one problem there is no way to change your save file in multiplayer unless the game mode is changed (I think) so i was thinking to add a command that lets you select a save and if the server wants you to start fresh make the command not work.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
I can't, unfortunately. SRB2's method of "loading saves" online is incredibly hacky, and it's a miracle Samus' complex save files work at all, both in terms of actually syncing and not crashing the game. If a player could deload their saves and access the menu on will, we'd have crash/desync-fests and griefers would be given a great tool to destroy netgames.

...so I opted to only allow it once for stability.
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is one of the best characters ever i see in my life... abyways i also im gonna ask if are a opcion to put the story again because the dialogues is not appear anymore when i play again
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Story dialogue isn't replayed on completed save files, but it will on fresh ones!
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nice mod. check it out if you like metroid prime i guess.
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It's fun until DSZ in my opinion; I stopped playing after CEZ Act 3.

The enemies become increasingly more and more annoying to deal with from then onwards. But not in a way that actually challenges the player. Most regular enemies receive the most mundane abilities conceivable, such as the Blue Crawlas having flamethrowers and the Red Crawlas very lethargically flying in your general direction and rarely dodging your attacks. The Crushstaceans have children for whatever reason. And the Jet Jaws are just themselves being mildly irritating as usual, although slightly more so as it's difficult to see in the water. This visibility issue is more noticeable on a level with less water, GFZ Act 1, where the relatively shallow depths are darker than the abyss. The Egg Guards in CEZ can teleport? This feature often works to their detriment as you can trick them into teleporting off of a ledge. They also like to interrupt your jumps, as they can teleport high into the air. The prompts telling you how to use an item sometimes don't go away, even if you disable them. This fortunately doesn't persist between Acts. The text boxes are also comically large, and are so intrusive that I have to wait for them to go away in order to proceed. Quite often when I pick up a missile tank, the text reaffirming the fact that I have indeed picked up said missile tank outstays its welcome and interrupts gameplay. Meanwhile a Buzz sneaks up on me and drains my health at an alarming rate.

On the topic of items and pickups, you can get almost everything within the GFZ (if you are lucky) or midway through Act 1 in THZ. This causes the player to become too powerful, too quickly even on the hardest difficulty. Every regular enemy becomes trivial to deal with; almost no obstacle cannot be passed. Any and all fun that I could've had with a challenging experience is drained. Not to mention, the Chaos Emeralds are made even easier to acquire, as you don't have to do the special stages. Instead, you just have to not take damage for the rest of the level. This is impossible to fail, as there's nothing stopping the player from just obliterating every Badnik before picking them all up. And even if you don't, the Badniks are still woefully incompetent at thwarting anyone's plans if you're at least mildly cautions and become super sniper Samus. I also wish that in the place of Emblems, were literally anything of value. I hate it when I bust down a breakable wall or explore who knows where only to find nothing. There's also a problem with missiles. Because I played on the hardest difficulty, the increased cost of using missiles instilled the notion that I should save them for when I actually need to truly obliterate enemies. Even though I had over one hundred missiles to spare by the end of THZ Act 2, I was just afraid that I would happen upon God or something and that I would need every single one. It's like with the grenade launcher in Left 4 Dead 2, where you have a very limited supply of ammunition that many players save for only when the Tank appears; rarely use it for anything else out of the fear that they'll waste valuable shots or harm teammates. And then they run around with either melee or the Magnum and contribute very little and feel disappointed. There's also the problem with the fact that Samus' arm-cannon just feels way stronger than regular missiles. Especially when no base game enemy actually poses a threat. The charged shot excels at everything. Then there's super missiles, which I surprisingly used more than the regular missiles, but only for wall busting and to make Eggman disappear in a blink of an eye.

There's also a problem with the arm-cannon's projectile hitting things that it clearly didn't. Such as the walls in a tight space. Or around corners. Or anywhere with complex geometry for that matter. And to elaborate further, what i mean is that the projectile visually does not hit the wall. It would clearly be moving around it, before suddenly stopping and the projectile impact effect would play a significant distance away from where it actually was.

Moving onto the morph ball, it feels iffy to move with. Especially with how there are many instances where using its various abilities can cause the player to lose all aerial control. I also got stuck inside of the terrain once, which made me quite sad. The situation was quite inescapable.

The Screw Attack I used only to get past spikes; a few enemies. It can also sometimes be used in situations where the player is stunned. This caused a bug in the Metroid boss fight where after being knocked back I immediately used the Screw Attack and upon touching the ground my ears were destroyed by Samus doing the damage sound at an incomprehensible rate before keeling over and dying.

Speaking of Metroids, I have never met a more irritating enemy ever. These enemies put the Cloakers from Payday 2 to shame. But unlike the Cloakers, they lack a brain and can't navigate around the very level they are introduced in. When I turn a corner and I see a Metroid failing to move around a pillar, I just burst out laughing. Truly the most intimidating lifeform. But when they stop being stuck, they become an Expert Mission Boss in DBXV2 and get autododge. And even though I am clearly hitting them as my projectiles cease to exist and do the impact effect, they just somersault in a random direction while trying to deliver the grand suck. And even if I hit them immediately afterwards as they're incredibly predictable, they just seem to have nanomachines and refuse to get frozen or die. And then they just pop out of the blue because the level they are in has terrible visibility. Or they accidentally abuse decades old glitches to glide across walls or the ceiling at super speeds. And when they do deliver the grand suck, they just don't want to let go. Whether I blast myself with a missile, the Hyper beam, Morph Ball Bombs or the Power Bomb they just don't leave me. Fortunately I eventually free myself, but as I would like to reaffirm, they're really irritating. More so on moving platforms, and slopes.

Moving onto the bosses, they're pretty bad. GFZ is just Eggman but now he's Frieza and sometimes throws energy balls at you, somehow. THZ I couldn't see as I had the Hyper beam and instantly killed him. The totally not completely broken, boring and often times plain unfair Metroid boss fight is cool in theory. But first of all, I should not enter a boss fight being hit by a ranged attack that stuns me, of which I couldn't see as I'm facing the wrong direction after falling through a seemingly incorporeal floor. And then being hit by an attack that I still can't see as I'm still stunned and can't turn. Before being knocked into a wall and receiving damage, while being inside the Metroid. Who then proceeded to knock me away to the other side of the room all the while dealing completely ludicrous amounts of damage in comparison to literally anything else that I've faced thus far. And then dying sends you ALL the way back to the start of the level so you have to slog through a whole lot of nothing and the same cacophony of Metroids. This boss has a ranged attack that spews... Something in all directions and (assuming your not blindsided by bad level design) is incredibly easy to dodge. But also it is incredibly annoying as this devious fellow likes to sprint up to you before using the attack immediately, with very little warning. Furthermore, the attack has some questionable collision. His next attack is some kind of fire breath, which he used at all the wrong occasions. Then there is his charge, which is fair I guess. I wish there was more warning though and that he couldn't just spam the same attack over and over and over again. I don't even know if he actually has a regular melee attack. 80% of the fight was him charging at me, 5% him using the fire attack while out of range; 15% him checking if I'm awake with his actual ranged attack. But I see why he would use the charge so often, after all he likes to magically accelerate to his top speed practically instantly. Fortunately, luck was on my side and he got stuck in the wall. I blasted him with my Hyper beam and Ice Beam. I do wish there was more of an indicator as to how much health he had left. Perhaps like in Metroid Fusion where the Omega Metroid's "skin" changed colour as it became closer to death. If this is already a feature then I guess I'm blind or it wasn't noticeable. Then, there's CEZ Eggman, who is just himself but also Frieza.

The level after DSZ Act 2 is a cool addition. But I don't have much positive to say. It often looks ugly and claustrophobic in the later half. The completely random change in camera when you go down the tube with the Chaos Emerald before it left me temporarily bewildered. Why did this exist? What purpose does it serve? All it did was strip any hope of immersion I might have and leave me waiting for the camera to return to normal so I can continue playing the game. Additionally, the first half is super boring. Aside from exploring, there isn't much that I found interesting to do. And any attempts to build atmosphere just went over me. I cannot be scared by a Badnik that received the grand suck from a Metroid if I'm playing as Samus in her prime with every upgrade. Some areas being dark also doesn't build tension or make it scary. It's just annoying. The later half being claustrophobic interrupts gameplay, and is annoying. Not only for me, but the poor Metroids who get stuck literally everywhere. The lack of visibility means that I wander into damaging floors that I, as you can assume, cannot see. The terrain also interrupts most of my projectiles. Even when they do not hit. At all.

There's also a problem where the special abilities for the beams you get just don't work most of the time. And then they disable the beam despite doing nothing. And then you have to wait until the next century before you can roll the dice to see if it works like I'm playing HL2RP and the Civil Protection are metagaming as usual. Probably just a me issue.

I'm not sure if I'm just blind and missed it, but I do wish there was an option to disable the splash effect on the visor. And Samus' face. It's distracting; the splashes cause my eyes to water.

Also, there's a rare bug where you can wall jump off of very small inclines and floors even. I noticed it while strafing circles around enemies; other players.

There is no doubt that a lot of effort was put into this mod.
I look forward to seeing it improve.
I rate the:
- Sprites: 10/10
- Skin (Samus): 10/10
- Exploration: 9/10
- Customizability: 7/10
- The Choice of Music: 7/10
- The Level Design: 6/10
- Combat: 6/10
- Enemies: Mediocre
- Bosses: Mediocre
- Arsenal: Good
- Compatibility with Netgames: 8/10
- Difficulty: Easy, but boring and tedious with seemingly random difficulty spikes.

Overall, I rate it a 7.35/10.

I am aware of the content I did not experience personally, but my friends told me about it. I obviously cannot comment much on it, other than it looks cool.
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y'ever run out of health due to something stupid and instead of dying you just go full metal unga bunga and proceed to destroy everything in a 3 mile radius

yeah that's happened to me
in all seriousness i absolutely love this mod
all of the cool details from the dialogue to the hidden final boss just make this mod probably the most expansive character mod on the MB if i'm gonna be honest, the only nitpick i really have is that i feel like it's a little TOO hard to find the special items
i still haven't found the FIRST ONE EVEN AFTER I LOOKED UP A GUIDE, although that may just be a skill issue on my end
very good mod, caveman brain do enjoy a lot
even tried the bosses as fang which went incredibly poorly as i should have expected
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Made an account just to post this review. TL;DR, it's absolutely bonkers incredible. I'm an enormous Metroid fan and not a very big Sonic fan, used to play a ton of Metroid Dreadnaught and this scratched that nostalgia itch and more.

This "Character" is incredible. Calling it merely a character is nowhere near the amount of endless fellatio this addon deserves. It's very funny to me that the criticisms put forth by the other reviews tend to include "add more stuff >:(" when this already goes so far above and beyond.

As far as actual criticisms go, the sound effects are in general way too loud and clip the audio frequently, but at some point it begins to just become part of the experience. The world of Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't ready for Samus Aran and neither were your ears.

The Samus-only sections were incredibly atmospheric and it made me wish the whole game was that stuff. You did an incredible job translating that early Prime 2 creepiness here. The first boss replacement was incredibly tense and hectic, it was awesome. The second was pure fanservice and it was also awesome, though not nearly as challenging. I didn't get the Hyper Beam until just before fighting Metal Sonic and Robotnik so it was extra cathartic to unload on them.

Absolutely hysterical and wonderful experience. Absolutely download.
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samus shoots some heckin pterodactyls with a super missile
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10/10, the translated gameplay of Metroid Prime was really good and kinda fits for SRB2
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I find the dark Samus fight to be tedious and not really fun, with the only time I beat it is when I accidentally somehow activated some sort of super Samus form, also brak Eggman is bad but the fact that he gets as fast as the player before he's on his last legs. The addon reminds me of EMW5 (an ancient srb2 addon that gets disturbing) but more competent, but maybe nerf the custom and last bosses, idk. I still found this mod to be great despite dark Samus and brak Eggman, 4.5 stars. (But decimals don't exists so 4 stars instead)
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My one of favorite addon for srb2 are update!
And it's cool!

Well just like somewhere there was a new battle with eggman...
But I've had enough and new hmm shooter super metroid prime randomizer gameplay.

Thanks for game! ( U wU)
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so cool i love metroid and this is awesome!
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This mod was a blast to play, I played the Prime games (Got to the artifact hunt for MP1, forgot where I am in MP2, and near beating MP3 I think)
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Easily one of my favourite character mods, but not without it's flaws. It's first is how extremely difficult ACZ4's boss is. That being said, I have been known as being pretty bad at Metroid Bosses. The second problem (and the most important of the 2 so it'll be in caps) SOFTLOCKING CAN HAPPEN. Entered ACZ4 with one life, died to the boss and tried to continue only to find I couldn't morph ball, so I couldn't get to the boss arena holding energy.
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Insane level of depth. Experiencing all of the vanilla levels as Samus really gives them a different feel, heightened by small aesthetic changes that bring a more metroid atmosphere. Never thought I'd love Deep Sea Zone this much. There's also a couple of extra stages for good measure where story beats are needed. There's a few lines at the start of most stages, which are all very well written characterizations for Samus and remind us all the eggman really *is* an intergalactic threat.
The moveset of Samus is really inclusive and complex, making it very possible to get to any character restricted routes. This allows her gameplay to focus more on item completion, rewarding each new monitor you find with a chance at a permanent upgrade to her arsenal. I ended up spending upwards of 20 minutes per level at times searching for upgrades and emerald tokens (which are also reworked). It may take some time for 100% completion, which is where this mod's save system comes in.
This has to be the most transformative character mod in existence. It's hard to put all of the experience into words, so you should definitely try it if you haven't.
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Great mod, great levels, great character,but there's one thing i noticed, the last level function is broken af, you can grind on the first half of the game to reach ultimate power before you even beat dark samus, and i have no idea how to recharge the hyper beam, other than that it's awesome👍
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As a huge Metroid fan, I must say, WOW.
I found this on twitter after Samus was trending, and immediately downloaded and did a full playthrough on it. It's pretty cool how if you aren't used to playing SRB2 in a first person perspective, the levels feel so much different, I found myself getting lost in levels I would normally zoom through (Which is not at all a bad thing), I would find emerald tokens (And alternate paths, though because I prefer playing SRB2 as just Sonic) I NEVER would have found on a vanilla SRB2 playthrough by just casually exploring with Samus. Once I got boost ball and shinespark, I would try to find all kinds of shortcuts especially in ACZ. I also love the couple original acts, with unique bosses, and the entire map giving such a dark and creepy atmosphere, I saw these non-moving enemies and when I shot them they would vanish, and in my head I'm like "Wait what are they doing?" and then it hit me "OH It's just like Super Metroid, those are husks!" or "Watch out for the blue?" and then approaching the boss of that act and realizing what that meant. I love the attention to detail, and the little references. If there ever were an update to this mod, I would personally really like having the Power Grip from Zero Mission (Although that would snap levels in half with all the movement options already lol), and of course 3D models, at least for Samus and her gunship. Overall just a very solid mod and worth playing through if you're looking for something a little different.
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This is amazing. Although after downloading version 1.2 my 100% run has come to a dead stop by the hands of a horribly consistent crash that seems to occur since the mod's save well... saved after the metal sonic fight. Every single time it gives me a segment violation when I try to start up a run and my save appears present in slot 1.

In the very least, is there any way to delete the save without going into the campaign?
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
The save isn't corrupted or anything. It's the menu causing a lagspike and SRB2 not being able to load all the data fast enough. How often this occurs depends on your device's performance.

-First, try to start in OpenGL and close any programs, see if it works in a few tries.
-If that doesn't do it, rename sav1.dat to sav2 or sav3. That moves the save slot so nothing will be loaded at first and SRB2 gets more time to initialize. You'll find that file in "Luafiles>Client>MetroidVanguard"

I'll probably try to make another patch in the future to try mitigate SRB2's I/O limitations. Sorry for the trouble!
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