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Metal Sonic Ability Design Contest (MSADC) Release Thread V1.1

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Welcome to the 2nd ability design contest release thread!

Metal Sonic's also been tied into the thok debates from time to time, so over 2 months ago, I decided to host a contest for the heck of it.

I'll also be having a 5 day voting period for the trophies specified originally.
Voting Thread

Gear Shift by PrincessDraykon- Metal now has manual trarnsmission! You must use Custom Button 1 and Custom Button 2 to shift up and down gears! A meter in the bottom-right of the screen shows when is best to shift up, alongside sounds.

Circuit Rev by SilverVortex - Hold Spin to start charging the Circuit Rev. Spam Jump to charge up a Drop Dash, or release Spin to perform a Jump Thok.

Jump Thrust by CosmicSRB2 - Press Jump to fly upwards in a spring state, press again to dash forward into Dash Mode.

Turbo Jump by TeriosSonic - Press Jump to fly upwards to help with platforming, and boost forward to gain speed!

Rocket Boost and Overdrive by Katsy/Katmint - Returning from Reveries, press Jump to fly forwards in a set angle and hover for a set time. Dashmode is also replaced by Overdrive, activated by overcharging your Spindash. You fly forward at an increased speed, but be careful! Losing it by any other means than falling into water will cripple you for a set period of time!

Dash Drive by JABSphere94 - This one makes MANY changes to Metal Sonic, so let's list them:
  • You will always lose height during Hover, and if you are trying to reverse course before hovering, you will get a momentum cut.
  • You can let go of the Jump button whilst in Dash Mode to cancel your jump faster.
  • Hitting 3 enemies in a short time period will trigger Dash Mode.
  • Hitting an enemy in Dash Mode deals more damage.
  • Metal Sonic bounces off electric walls during Dash Mode.
  • Adds Dash Drive itself, a Dashmode Jump-Spin ability which allows easy momentum redirection. This cancels out shield abilities during Dash Mode unless you hold back.


  • Gear Shift: Princess Drakyon
  • Circuit Rev: SilverVortex, DirkTheHusky
  • JumpThrust: CosmicSRB2
  • TurboJump: TeriosSonic, Frostikin, Hyper, Kasumi
  • Rocket Boost and Overdrive: Katsy/Katmint, CobaltBW.
  • Dash Drive: JABSphere94
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