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Kíbito submitted a new resource:

Meta Knight - The Masked Warrior by excellence storms SRB2!.

The Masked Warrior by Excelence Storms SRB2!!

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[Trailer coming soon!]

After definitely not finishing this in like a month or two but slacking off until the anniversary was a week away so we had to hurry up and get the finishing touches super fast--

Meta Knight is here :)​

- All Sprites by Kíbito Áyame

- All Character Artwork by Kíbito Áyame

- Tutorial...

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Meta Knight, the slickest swordsman warrior in Planet Popstar!
Great work with his srb2 wad mod moveset & movement options. This will take the fun gameplay very far!

Just Silus!

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.
YOOOOOO, Meta knight!

Fucking fantastic, i am going to play the entire vanilla campaign with this character rn.


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Holy cannoli. This looks way too good to be true. I’m gonna have to check it out as soon as I can


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There's seems to be a few oversights in the tutorial level.

No matter what settings, the OpenGL camera is in limited view mode, making looking up and down act like software.

Additionally, you can still crouch and slide during the cutscene.

Also, there's a few spelling errors.

Still looks like an amazing mod though.


The guy above this is a professional dumbas.
Still looks like an amazing mod though.


Man, this caught me by surprise! This is really well done, good work!
The spritework's superb, he handles super smoothly and is really fun to mess around with, love it.
I do have some thoughts on MK to share, but please don't let my thoughts deter you from the quality of this mod! It's perfectly good as it is.
Something I'd like to bring to the table though, his melee abilities do clash with SRB2 a little. I don't exactly have a reason to use the standard sword moves when I could just move past enemies and take advantage of Dash Mode. Mach Tornado and Sword Beam have very small use (although I do like using it on some bosses).
I feel this could probably be remedied if Meta Knight's gimmick in Meta Knightmare Ultra/Returns were to be implemented, however! Defeat enemies, break monitors, etc... To get some orbs that you can exchange for a temporary Dash Mode state. Maybe also spend some orbs to fire a Sword Beam as well? Although I'm not sure how to implement Mach Tornado here.


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This is fantastic! I had been hyped to play this since I saw it being developed several months ago, and the final product is really satisfying. Meta Knight's abilities overall have excellent game feel, and the spritework is sublime.

Some thoughts, in the event that you put out an update:
* I realize Meta Knight's moveset is too complex to narrow down into a two-button setup, but Custom2 isn't comfortably situated on my default control scheme; in my own case, Fire would be the ideal button. Of course, everyone's setup is different; I believe the best solution to this would be to make the third action button customizeable on the user's end, by writing/reading a client-based luafile which stores the player's preferred button, then converts that information into a custom player variable.

* I have a mod which is intended to allow all characters to transform, but Meta Knight seems to supercede this. Would it be feasible to add an exception in Meta Knight's code that accounts for this?

Some other notes:
* The small hitbox on the wings during doublejump is a really nice touch.
* The work that went into the tutorial level really goes above and beyond what I would have expected in terms of content and attention to detail. Impressive stuff.
* The ability set is overall exceptionally well-balanced. I will say that the slide maneuver has a rather short range to it that could probably be boosted a little bit. I also wonder if the charge time for mach tornado and the sword beam (and perhaps as well the dash mode abilities) couldn't be adjusted downward just a little bit, but it's nothing to cry over.


I remember the extra meta knight modes in a few of the kirby games. does this mean galacta knight has a chance to become a thing? other then that his is quite the nice mod.

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