Mega Paint Drive

[Open Assets] Mega Paint Drive v3.1a

With the color Mahogany now taken by a character mod, the Mahogany color in this pack has been renamed to "Edge" to avoid conflicts.

No other alterations have been made, and all of the colors remain the same as in Version 3.1.
  • Minor tweaks to existing colors to improve their ramps
  • Orchid renamed to Horizon to resolve a conflict with a custom color bundled with a character addon.
  • Further tweaks various skincolors to improve their ramps and increase accuracy to some of the Kart color ports.
  • The "New Color Wave" is replaced with "Mega Paint Drive Complete", combining all the contents of the Mega Paint Drive and the New Color Wave into a single file.
  • Taffy, Firefly, Cardinal, Martian, Laser, Tundra, and Twilight have been renamed to Pixie, Lightbulb, Ferrari, Reptile, Laserbeam, Polar, and Twinkle respectively to prevent naming conflicts with character addons.
  • The following skincolors have been added as part of the second volume of the New Color Wave: Glitter, Widow, Mosaic, Wolf, Sheriff, Thulite, Ametrine, Hickory, Scarab, Milk, Neapolitan, Floss, Razzle, Velvet, Candy, Candy Cane, United, Tart, Woodpecker, Pizza, Lantern, Rambutan, Chili, Deepfry, Hot Dog, Lowbit, Cactus, Papaya, Persimmon, Steampunk, Bumblebee, Corn, Tomb, Volt, Chic, Chemical, Zoisite, Harlequin, Pegasus, Exotic, Mint Chocolate, Mahi Mahi, Paris, Patina, Celeste, Grotto, Persian, Rainforest, Lightning, Ice Pop, Oxford, Gunmetal, Steel, Thundercloud, Blizzard, Contaminate, Officer, Opal, Comet, Coastline, Vacation, Yinmn, Zircon, Blurple, Magic, Wand, Rocket, Plasma, Phlox, Eminence, Sparkling, Mardi Gras, Jester, Telemagenta, Melazane, Retro, Cupid, Cordovan, Unicorn.
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  • Tweaks various colors to improve their ramps, make certain colors more unique from others, and increase accuracy to some of the Kart color ports.
  • Adds a file called the "Mega Paint New Color Wave", an optional expansion file loaded after the Mega Paint Drive that adds the following colors: Titanium, Water, Frostmint, Blush, Garlic, Aluminum, Outer Space, Licorice, Punk, Abyss, Ebony, Mountaintop, Hi-Tech, Seashell, Latte, Earthworm, Sakura, Vampire, Snowboarder, Parrot, Rojo, Tiger, Mango, Phoenix, Sunrise, Cheese, Chestnut, Creamsicle, King, Pineapple, Cheetah, Spring, Melon, Leaf, Laser, Poison, Asparagus, Iguana, Dream, Azura, Alleyway, Breeze, Brine, Depths, Mystic, Interdimension, Raisin, Spider, Paradise, Jam, Amaranth, and Queen.
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