Mauro Mania 1.2 - Community Fixes!

Mauro Mania 1.2 - Community Fixes! 1.2

Yesterday I woke up to a lengthy discord message from Alug. It included a version of MauroMania with a MASSIVE set of fixes —made by a lot of people— for this pack which includes tweaks to the geometry, fixes to performance issues, some code, skips, various mistakes/things I forgot/me being sloppy

I can't even explain how thankful I am. HUGE shout-out to everyone that worked on this. Seeing tons of weird issues I was never able to fix being finally patched is truly amazing 😭

They even included a readme with all of the changes! This is what's inside:

MAPAX Misty Mountainpass

- Applied high positive friction to the cut at the end, so its not possible anymore to "mow" that cut (aka stronger Offroad)
- Added frictionfix flag (no tails flag) to the last long slide, so its still slippery even with boost items /hyudoro. (no more slow downs and getting that 400 drift now easier :p)
- ome texture realignments
- moved friction/ice physics from some middlestripe (idk why it was applied there in the first place)
- Fixed a small floor patch which was see through
- Fixed an are where trees clipped into the "void"
- Fixed encore spikeballs actually not appearing in encore (encore linedef texture def dupe removed)
- Fixed fogcloud conflicts (changed id from 2139 to 2189)
- Fixed music loop
- Fixed some misaligned slopes which showed some gfzrock :o
- Changed a small patch of offroad to offroad instead of deathpit (mustve been an oversight)
- Made the small patch of offroad/small Hill before the cut impassible and put railings on it, to prevent even more cut jank
- Added a single itembox to the first row of itemboxes to make it look more nice and symmetrical
- Fixed itemboxes from dynamic random itemboxes lua to show missing sprite when picked up (changed the sprite def of respawn state to NULL since sprite is missing even in community resources v9)
- Fixed encore music missing lump error (linedef 414 texture def dupe removed, note: music played fine before)
- Made multiple areas around the final ramp impassable instead of only being a
solid mid texture to be sure that no one gets off the ramp. (Geglash)
- Extended the sides of the checkpoint right before the second set of items
because you could skip it before, lead to massive jank in a critical area where
you roll for items. (Geglash)
- Added death triggers in the water of the area after the ramp because you could
end up being completely trapped in it. (Geglash)

MAPA2 Teiai Towers
- Made the cut a bit less powerful (extended it so its a bit longer - needs testing, but cut was waaay to strong before,
3x shoes basically meant you win the race)
- All signs of gfzrock have been removed
- Some directional signs had mistexturings on their backside, fixed that aswell
- Fixed fogcloud conflicts (changed id from 2139 to 2189)

MAPA3 Liminal Landscape
- Adjusted the 1st ramp cut, so its not mowable anymore (applied Positive Friction aka stronger Offroad)
- Rare teleporter exploit got patched, no more starting at the 2nd section of the map after a map restart (Indev)
- Replaced music with higher quality one
- Replaced encore music with higher quality one aswell (also friggin good song, thanks for showing me that whole album)
- Fixed some misaligned scrolling textures on those pillars

MAPA4 Digital Dimension
- Rare teleporter exploit got patched, no more starting in the tunnel section after a map restart (Indev)
- Replaced music with higher quality one (also now gamecube version of the song, same song but somehow that version slaps more :P)
- Replaced encore music with higher quality one aswell (love that song)

The Fogcloud Thing actually conflicted on our Server with some Poles, dont know from which pack, changed its ID to 2189 so it should conflict with them
This is a change in the SOC_FOG file aswell as the maps themselves

The Itembox missing sprite fix, is a change in the SOC_ITEM file from Community Resources v9

Teleporter state didnt reset at a map restart before, so with right timing you could skip 10 seconds of liminal landscape (gladly the checkpoints in Digital Dimension prevent the exploit from being useful there), which was unfair in Record Attack modes, now the Teleporter State is reset with each map restart, so exploit is fixed (thanks again Indev) c:
This is a change in the skyFunctions.lua

Besides the cut changes, nothing on the layout of the maps were changes, as this is literally intended to just be bugfixes
Anything else in the pk3 wasnt changed in any way and I nor the other people that helped claim any credit on this Pack whatsoever

Fixed with love from

most of Sunflowers Garden Server

Thanks for making this amazing Mappack, and especially thanks for making it reusable, since that allowed us to do this in the first place!


Once again THANKS A TON to everyone involved in this update. May Mauro bless you ♥♥♥
Hey everyone! This patch brings tons of fixes and polish:
  • Software fixes:
    • Added thok barriers around the maps
    • Tried to fix as many visual fixes as I could: tons of slime trails, misbehaving transparent textures, and general node wackiness
  • Skips! Tons of them were patched out
  • Balance changes:
    • Added a shortcut to Misty Mountainpass
    • Changed Liminal Landscape's shortcut so it's easier to spot and to take, and in doing so fixed a skip where you could get inside it without any boost
    • Removed many boost pads/rings in pretty much all the levels (Misty Mountainpass had tons of them removed) so the levels aren't as front–heavy as they were before
    • Fixed some visibility issues Liminal Landscape's last section
  • General tweaks for some very high-speed situations
    • Liminal Landscape's teleports and Misty Mountainpass's final ramp were especially having very frustrating issues
    • These tweaks were tested using both Growth, [9, 9] stats and KartVR's expert difficulty.
This update wouldn't have been possible without the help from the following people (thanks a ton!):
  • MK.exe, who showed me both how broken this pack was in software mode and how to fix it
  • Diggle and Mustard, who sent me tons of clips of different possible skips and also taught me that, uh, well... skips are a very real thing!
  • AnimeSonic who brought up the fact that these levels were very biased towards those who are in the front
  • Everyone in the MauroKart server who suffered helped me test these changes
  • And you for reading this!
So what's next?
  • Further fixes/tweaks: I'll keep on testing these maps so they're both fun and balanced. I'll most likely drop another update in the following weeks to fix the little things that pop up
    • I'm especially interested in knowing how easy (or not) it is to catch up after getting left behind the group
  • More maps!
I'd really like to get your feedback! Anything you disliked? Balance problems? Skips? Graphical glitches? Issues? Am I the bane of your existence? Let me know!

hope you have a wonderful mauro time