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Ok… Where do I start from? Hi, the name is Dragon, Stardust Dragon, I'm an admin on SRB2 Brazilian Community Server, and that's all you need to know about me.

Basically. In November 2020, I organized our second Match Map JAM (Yeah! Second). Why posting this here just now? Well, we have lots of community problems in our community, but members said to me to release this map pack here. So that's what I'm doing right now.

The name of this jam is "Concurso de Beleza e Ostentação de Arquitetura e Engenharia do Sonic Robo Blast 2" (in Portuguese of course, in English would sound like "Sonic Robo Blast 2 Architecture and Engineering Beauty and Ostentation Contest"). Before you say something, we all know, THE NAME IS HUGE. Anyway, we all agreed to put this name (because it's funny XD), but we usually call it OLDCBR even though is not an "Official Level Design Contest" still our community OLDC so far.

Jungle Base made by - Goma The Mascar


Xelork's Bedroom made by - Xelork (Yes, his own bedroom)


Carnival Night X made by - Zaxel (WARNING! This map load lots of balloons in outside areas, if you have a bad computer maybe will not run well)


Pollution Crack made by - Way Past Cool


Cyber Battleground made by - Pinguim noel/Pink Demon/Waddle Dee (EPILEPSY WARNING!)


Aerial Castle Zone made by - CG64


MAPSY… It loads but it's not recommended playing on this map. (A warning by Pacola: Please use OpenGL when using MAPSY or else the skybox will be buggy.)

Ok. Since this is a JAM, we need to have winners. We made 2 kinds of rating maps, one made by the judges and one made by the members. The winner chose by the judges is… Jungle Base made by Goma The Mascar. And the player's choice was… Xelork's Bedroom made by Xelork.

We have a good time making this contest and, in the future, we plan to make more and more contests. Our community grows every day and I'm so happy to be part of this. Maybe next contest I'll not organize but I loved this experience and I hope you guys like too. So, enjoy this match map pack. See ya S2.
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These were all great maps!

I personally liked Gomas and Xelorks maps. Gomas cos it was a nicely packed level and Xelorks map cos of the detail they put into the map. The other maps felt a-bit too empty for a match map but they weren't bad at all

I did however come across some issues which i will outline in the discussion section. Good work everyone!
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Welcome to releases!
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