[CTF Map Pack] Brazilian Community Map Jam (December 2021 edition)

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Let's go again guys!!! Ok, this time I have things to try to explain, but first things first. Welcome to "Concurso de Beleza e Ostentação de Arquitetura e Engenharia do Sonic Robo Blast 2" (In English sound more: Sonic Robo Blast 2 Architecture, Engineering, Beauty and Ostentation Contest) Long name we all know, but we usually call this jam: OLDCBR (We know that is not "official" but so far is our "community official jam").

Ok! Again we had some problems with the organization of this jam (most of them are all my fault). And as result, we have an incomplete map on this list but anyway, let's put those controversies off the stage. We made 5 CTF Maps (in the mod direct it was 6 but one of them is not complete, besides you still can load this incomplete map).

MAPF9 - Magma Flow | Made by: Cloves Cloestar


MAPFA - Starlight Combat | Made by: Stardust Dragon


MAPFB - Tartarus | Made by: Way Past Cool


MAPFD - Zaxel Colliseum | Made by: Zaxel


MAPFE - Icy Fortress | Made by: CG64


MAPFC - Timekeepers Wasteland | Made by: Potoqo
Unfortunately, this map is incomplete, it loads but there are not many rings and weapons that you can collect

To the surprise of no one, the winner of this jam is Cloves Cloestar. He was chosen by the whole community and the judges.

And that's the third Brazilian Jam, I hope you guys enjoy these maps. This is the last jam that I organize, sure got a lot of experience organizing those jams, and making mods for SRB2, this is not the last time I post mods here because sure I have some projects that didn't see the light of day (yet). So far that's bye. I see you guys in the next Brazilian jam.
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