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OMG THX FOR 1K HAVE FUN!!! :emberhug: :wonderful:

oh, and map 5 is not done sooo....

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    OMG THX FOR 1k! ok I added new music and map 4 is done if you want to add anything else then...
  2. new stuff NEW

  3. WOW just WOW!

    well added new things and now a boss is in act 2 and 3 and I fix the arrow problem now you will...

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Loved the pack, but I feel like an idiot. I ended up trapped in a cave and I couldn't tell if that was that or what, lol. I guess I need to watch a walkthrough or something because if that's the end then cool but if not I'm gonna be sad 😭
lol thx
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That was neat! Bit confusing with the button hunts and invisible wall, but the levels look and feel just right. lol at the random Eggman fight in the 2nd act. I liked the attempt at some originality for an act 3 bossfight, even if the teleportation turned out a bit janky.
thanks :>
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This is actually quite decent for someone so new to the mapping scene, everything appears to play well even though there are missing textures here and there.

The only thing is that in the second act, you can easily begin to think the level has hit a dead-end (as there are no breadcrumbs to help you find the switch or indicate that all enemies need to be defeated).

Sure, this is more Greenflower, but everyone has to start somewhere.
I see I am going to fix it thanks :D
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This level is fine, but there's alot to improve on, like the confusing level design and overused green flower textures. About the level design, it seems like it was fun to make from the many different platforms and routes, but there was times i accidentally turned around or didn't know where to go. One example of that is in act two with the button in between the platforms to open the door behind, but it was so not obvious that I was running around for like five minutes! And for the textures, some textures like the water don't have the ripple effect making it look off imo, and then there's the green flower textures which sre fine looking, but alot of custom stages have those same textures, so it just blends in too much with those levels. So overall I think there's a lil potential, but there's always improvement
ok i see thanks :>
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Noice maps. Act 1 was a nice experience, tho the part with the first button could use a spring in the water so you don't get softlocked.

Act 2 is clearly unfinished but promising.

One thing I must say is, since there are 2 maps now, put them both in a pk3 file, just for convenience. Just make a pk3, make a folder in said pk3 named "Maps" and put your wad files in there. Then the pk3 will load both maps.

This isn't too much of a problem for now, but the more maps you add, the bigger of a problem it will become, so I just wanted to mention that.

Good Maps
thanks btw :D
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