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v2 update is here! And its a full remake!

Anyway base abilities:

Jump boost:
The old ability. Double jump mid-air to fly up.

Same that regular metal has. Run for some time and you now run faster.

Thats basically all for Basic abilites.

Now the new stuff(Magic):

Press C1 to open your magic menu to choose Main and Passive magic.
If you want to close it press C1 again

Main magic:
To use main magic press spin. (Press C3 to switch it in menu)

Press spin to throw a fireball...

Ice platform:
Press spin to throw a snowball that will summon an ice platform.

Attack boost:
Press spin near a player to give them an attack boost
if no allies nearby then put it on yourself.(deals double damage to enemies)

Defense boost:
Similar to attack boost but instead you give defense.
(Lose half rings and take less knockback)

Give rings:
Similar to previous two magic but gives 10 rings to the allie but takes 10 from you.

Lose rings:
Similar to Give rings but you get rings and allie loses them. (Allie needs to hold tossflag)

Press spin to summon a tornado that will pull you upward and pull enemies away.

Press and hold spin to use your regular spindash.

Passive abilities:
You dont need a button to use them. (Press C2 to switch it in menu)

In dashmode you leave fire particles.

When using jump boost you can damage enemies and you have i-frames.

Fast regen:
Regens mana faster when standing still.

Triple jump:
you can use Jump boost twice mid-air.


Thats all! Enjoy the mod!
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Latest reviews

this rework was NEEDED, man
it makes magic metal a jack of all trades that can handle any situation with the right abilities, which i assume was the approach that you were going for originally
this went from a "meh" mod to HOLY CANOLI I CAN PLAY WITH THIS FOR HOURS
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its good, like really good, i love it but i just have one problem
im new to sonic robo blast 2 modding so i dont know a bunch of stuff about it, this addons main gimmick is the magic powers right? all i can do is just the normal ball attack and i wanna use the other powers too but i cant because the ball attack keeps replacing the ones i select, i see them change for 1 second so i cant play with the main gimmick
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Cool mod,Cool Mechanics,Cool all. In my opinion this is a cool mod :)
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This is pretty good! When it works it Really works, I really Really like the Jump ability's with the Spell's... But well,
The performance Isnt all that good.
I think it may be the Particles but im not sure.
This is a really good addon!!!
Though it kinda leave me wanting more.
(Ie Shield abilitys) But hey, Atleast we have this currently! And its extremely fun to play around with.

Though, There are a few things that could make this better,
1: When you get all 7 emeralds you gain a new spell,
2: Emeralds Increasing max Mp.
3: A sort of Rpg like Level up System.
Thank you so much for making this addon, It's A really good one!!
Cya, And have fun.
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This is a great step-up from your last mod, but I still have a couple nitpicks.

M.M.S is a slow character. This is because he's that character you need to get used to in order to master his abilities, this is something you can't really fix, but that isn't what I'm complaining about. What makes him even slower though is how M.M.S is forced to collect rings in order to re-gain the ability to do more magic, this gives me a huge problem, instead please let him slowly re-gain his ability to do magic instead of relying on so much rings. Or at least 1-2 rings per refill up.

I hate how I have to rely on emeralds just to unlock more magic, this makes him really weak and boring in the start (unless you just added 7emeralds.lua like I did). What you should instead do is the more emeralds you have, the more times you can perform magic without having to stop and recharge. Maybe 5 extra spaces for each emerald? This way your space is 35 space instead of 10, this is more fair because this doesn't force people to get the emeralds in order to have a better experience, but at the same time still rewarding and more powerful for people who decide to.

This is pretty much it, M.M.S while complicated, I can see myself having a semi-fun time playing with him. The custom sprites and abilities you made are really creative, so awesome work on him.
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Great job making that Magic Element Character.
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Its a nice character, now i have 4 of the special vanilla characters, 2 more to go
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Awesome mod! Good job!
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See my Discussion post.
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