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Logarithmic Train Zone is a one-act map addon for 2.2. In it, you have to ride a train out of a burning forest, making your way to the engine in order to speed it up.

It's my first map, so it's a bit awkward and overambitious. I was originally going to submit this to the OLDC, but it has a lot of issues when using the software renderer that I couldn't iron out. It's playable in software, albeit with visual issues and slowdown in some places.
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Very cool level. Radical Train - The Chase is an amazing song and works perfectly for this level, though I wish the speed shoes didn't interrupt it. The level was challenging but still enjoyable. The rooms with enemies were kind of a drag, but arena combat has never been Sonic's strong suit so I'm not surprised. The two sections of running along the train are extremely hard, mostly because almost every time I ran off the train Sonic would lose almost all his momentum upon hitting the ground. The top of the train was good but there is no indication at all that the right way to get from car to car is to spin dash instead of jumping. This is an outstanding level, it is difficult, but I highly recommend playing it.
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MY GOD did I like this idea ,Though the stage could have been formatted a bit better (it's kinda hard to know what you are supposed to be doing) I also feel that there should be more obstacles for those who will just run all the way to the front, Also It feels as if there are too many things trying to hinder the player rather than being slight obstacles, for example the on train segment THERE IS WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON UP THERE and the wind Yeets you back for jumping but you HAVE to jump, so there is NO way to actually get past that part besides running on the side the entire time and preying, the enemy carts were okay, You probably should change it so if the player knows what they are doing the can defeat the enemies quick, and the running segments I like the Idea of being punished for jumping THERE as it makes sense why the wind hinders you more there, but it's too cluttered you could make it so IF YOU JUMP your probably dead but if you maneuver correctly you're not dead, the wood and hay barrels should be set up as like a risk and reward type thing maybe one of the pieces of wood could act like a ramp to launch you further through the level but to reach that piece you need to maneuver through tighter spots risk and reward like, This has amazing potential as an idea alone, so props to you for being creative!
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very cool but all i gotta say is that an angel island act 2 remix would be more fitting. i would choose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beUWddSd3fA&t=2s or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPrHJLkTPcY
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super edgy level
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Really cool concept. I always hate wind levels usually in platformers but this is just impressive to see.
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A technical marvel, but MAN it's not fun to play. And I'd argue fun is the most important thing about making a level, even at the expense of visual flair.

It feels like you have too many mechanics which are actively fighting *against* the player. There's definitely cool ideas here - I like the idea of using the speed shoes to run along outside of the train, but having jumping completely halt your momentum is unintuitive and basically negates Sonic's main option for getting back UP to speed if you slow down, unless you thok RIGHT before you hit the ground. The enemy gauntlets are... annoying, but not overly offensive. Then there's the over-train bit. Which actively punishes jumping, yet REQUIRES YOU TO JUMP. It's so needlessly precise that it feels more at home in a Kaizo level than anything else. I'm still not sure how I beat it. And finally there's another running section, which is still fine if you don't jump, though a bit more warning on the logs would have been nice - one ended up landing immediately in front of me with no time to react.
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this is very cool esta Genial
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When i got this thing, it was ABSOLUTELY amazing. The music was very great, it was very hard to figure out whats going on at first but when I figured out that i can use speed shoes to get around it got pretty fun. I found this pretty cool and fun because the music made it more like I'm actually gotta get to the front of the train. The affects that change the way that change what characters look was very creative. If you like challenging but cool maps like this, this is the one for you. This was a MASTERPIECE.
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For a first map, this is outstanding! I love bringing addon characters and making them go super and running them alongside the train. It's a fun time! Radical Train's Mach Speed music makes a great addition to the level and really gives the stage a sense of haste and urgency

Although, like anything ever made, there could be some improvements made. For one, the enemy gauntlets bring the pace down a ton, especially the last cart with three Hive Elemenals and the room with the Yellow Spring Shells that drop the springs which are incredibly hard to avoid bouncing on. The top of the train is possibly the worst aspect, as it's hard, almost impossible to traverse with all the spikes and the pushback. That area may need some tinkering with, if not a replacement entirely

Overall, a greatly made level mod for a first timer that just needs a few improvements here and there.
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This was honestly, a really good level for me, the amount of technical stuff going on behind is astounding for me (REALLY, there are like 200 polyobjects?!), I didnt expect it to surprise me this much!! Some parts with the winds and ballspikes where a bit too harsh for me, but the level was still impressive and unique, even if it runs slow on software, I really like it!!
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