Logarithmic Train Zone

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Logarithmic Train Zone is a one-act map addon for 2.2. In it, you have to ride a train out of a burning forest, making your way to the engine in order to speed it up.

It's my first map, so it's a bit awkward and overambitious. I was originally going to submit this to the OLDC, but it has a lot of issues when using the software renderer that I couldn't iron out. It's playable in software, albeit with visual issues and slowdown in some places.
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When i got this thing, it was ABSOLUTELY amazing. The music was very great, it was very hard to figure out whats going on at first but when I figured out that i can use speed shoes to get around it got pretty fun. I found this pretty cool and fun because the music made it more like I'm actually gotta get to the front of the train. The affects that change the way that change what characters look was very creative. If you like challenging but cool maps like this, this is the one for you. This was a MASTERPIECE.
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For a first map, this is outstanding! I love bringing addon characters and making them go super and running them alongside the train. It's a fun time! Radical Train's Mach Speed music makes a great addition to the level and really gives the stage a sense of haste and urgency

Although, like anything ever made, there could be some improvements made. For one, the enemy gauntlets bring the pace down a ton, especially the last cart with three Hive Elemenals and the room with the Yellow Spring Shells that drop the springs which are incredibly hard to avoid bouncing on. The top of the train is possibly the worst aspect, as it's hard, almost impossible to traverse with all the spikes and the pushback. That area may need some tinkering with, if not a replacement entirely

Overall, a greatly made level mod for a first timer that just needs a few improvements here and there.
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This was honestly, a really good level for me, the amount of technical stuff going on behind is astounding for me (REALLY, there are like 200 polyobjects?!), I didnt expect it to surprise me this much!! Some parts with the winds and ballspikes where a bit too harsh for me, but the level was still impressive and unique, even if it runs slow on software, I really like it!!
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Besides what people have already mentioned, I did find it really lame how you had the Radical Train song here but it can't be listened to because of the Speed Shoes segments. There's a map header command to disable the Speed Shoes music - I wish it had been used here.

But yeah, awesome experience overall.
I thought the same thing about the shoes, and I considered using that map header line. I thought it was more important for the player to know how much running time they had left, though.
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This. Can. Not. Be. Your. First. Map.
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This is an amazing first map, with a unique design that differentiates itself from many other maps. Although, for the first two minutes I found myself confused about what I was doing, mainly because the pushback is slightly too strong. I hope to see more of your mapping!
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Oh yeah, I love platform levels on speeding vehicles, was planning on making one myself at some point.
You beat me to the punch.
And very impressive. Great visuals and intense gameplay.
And crazy you're doing all this on he first map too. Well done.
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Clear time: 4:12.60

God damn, for a first map, you've essentially kicked down the door to quality on this one. Although there are some problems with this stage.

1. Enemy Gauntlets.

I personally don't like them, they drag the pace of the stage to a halt to force you to bop some enemies.

2. The top of the train.

My complaints for that section echo everyone else's, sooooooooooo.....

All in all, good stage, needs improvement.
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Holy shit this is your first map? Nice polyobject usage! I feel like you could have experimented more with train gimmicks, the enemy rooms are kinda basic and boring, the top of the train was absolutely frustrating, but the golden speed shoes are extremely creative, I love the idea there.
I think it's a shame you didn't submit this to OLDC. You still would've had a month to polish out some of its kinks, plus you kinda get a guarantee that the majority of the community will play your stage and leave constructive feedback. I think this definitely would've placed high. (Also I'm not getting the software errors you're referring to, ????)

I think the biggest change you could make for an update to this is to rework the part where you run on top of the train. Right now it's really slow and precise, it's WAY too easy to get bullshitted backwards or hit the spikes accidentally. I know it's not realistic but gameplay wise it'd be far more fun if you toned down the wind just on the roof of the train, and spaced the spikes out more (maybe you could use another enemy, like Egg Guards.)
Anywho, I can't wait to see what your future maps look like if this is your FIRST (again, holy shit). Or what future updates to this stage look liked. Great job!
I think I'll make some tweaks and major edits to the level later, including the enemy fighting and spike sections, but not any time soon. Another reason I didn't submit this aside from stability is because I figured some of the sections would frustrate people, especially if played in a multiplayer server. I still kind of want to submit something to the OLDC, (hopefully something more stable) so that takes priority.

I guess the issues are harder to notice if you aren't the one building the level, but here's all of them that I can recall:
-The stumps on the right side of the train make a giant black bar extending into the sky when they reach the end of the map and burn up (I could have fixed this by making them square instead of octagonal, but that would be incredibly lame)
-All of the polyobjects (stumps, metal bars, logs) extend infinitely downwards when viewed from a large distance; only really noticeable with the logs, if you decide to look backwards
-The logs at the end of the stage like to extend into the sky when you're near the back of the train, which isn't a huge deal because it's usually just two dark lines, but still distracting
-The framerate likes to drop below 35 a lot, especially when polyobjects are involved, and even moreso if you decide to look backwards at the polyobjects as they move away from you
-The train tracks warp and encroach on the grass when you're close to the ground, which I think is just an unavoidable effect of having a skybox of that particular scale; even the vanilla campaign has the same issue in ACZ3, although it's less noticeable since you never run along the ground

Also, thanks for the review.
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This was really good! Very Very impressive and a fun concept. I played through it as Silver so I cheesed some areas but it was still a lot of fun. I liked the train cars where you had to destroy the enemies to proceed and running across the top was a little difficult as a nospin character as I had to find a way to gain enough speed on the last 2 so that I could make it over the gap without jumping. It provided a nice challenge. The logs were very very impressive. I'm quite curious how you achieved that sequence so I'll have to look into it. Now I see you made some claims of issues in software, but I played through it in software and had no issues with performance or graphical issues so I don't know what that was all about. I also had a few issues with the running beside the train sections in which I would end up falling behind and have to use retry to get back up to where I was. Other than that this was a very nice level with an enjoyable concept. I feel like you should've submitted it to OLDC, but hey that's not my call. You do you! I hope to see more impressive things like this in the future!
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