Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack

Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack 6.4

Got reports that some stuff are broken and such so... Here we go again...

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the normal attacks from everyone causing to break when it's used from a enemy in Rogue Mode.
  • Fixed Aero Sickle clipping through the floor in Tartarus arenas.
  • Fixed up some prices on some skill cards in the Void Run Shop.
  • Tita's Skill table was adjusted a lot
  • Removed Photon Shoot 3 and Nuke Augment from Tita and replaced those with Clock Up/Chrono Drive (Agility Buff) and Zeruel Cannon
  • Seventh Caliber is now 1 target rather than being all targets
  • All Tita's Nuke skills do not debuff if a enemy blocks, drains or misses
  • Sub Persona skills were adjusted again
New Stuff:
  • Added Genesic Barrier (Makes someone that it's weak to curse go neutral in 1 battle. Credits to Spectra for doing the original animation and permission to use it and modify it)
  • Dark Matter got a new animation (Credits to Rascally Rosy that did the original animation and let me modify it)
I also forgot to mention in the last update that Elie's Triple Piercer had a new animation in 4.5 my bad


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So I had a couple of people that suggested some stuff and reported some bugs from the pack so here's the stuff.

Fixed Bugs and Nerfs:
  • Fixed Elie's Orbment having a wrong skill causing it to be unvailable
  • Changed some stats in the characters
  • Changed some stats and skills in the sub personas
  • Orbment subs got a new picture to not be confused with the other orbment subs
New Animations:
  • Lord Inferno
  • Flare Butterfly
  • Aero Sickle
  • Elie's Wind Skills were adjuted a little


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Apparently I'm a idiot and I don't see if I have grammar spelling mistakes or not...
  • Fixed Ragna Blast having a wrong color causing it to break

  • Added Starter Weapons to Everyone
  • Added Tier 4 skills to Estelle, Joshua and Elie
  • Lloyd's Crimson Ray was moved to Tier 4. Now he learns Volcanic Rave for Tier 3
  • Three Point Burst was renamed to Triple Piercer
  • Vision Quests were nerfed due to 1.3 works
  • Items now appear in Void Run! (Some of them)
  • Tita's,Elie's and Loa's Cut ins were improved
  • Files were organized inside the PK3
  • Title Screen was changed a little at least at Sonic and Lloyd standing. Now they are actual objects than Textures
  • Added Custom Super Colors for Lloyd, Tita and Elie
  • Adjusted a little the Void Run Dialogue
  • Added Zeram Powder into the item pool
  • A Mighty Power Vision Quest custom arena was adjusted
  • Sub Personas were fixed

    With the addition of the Monad Depths level you can go super in that level and use their super attacks!


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