Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack

Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack 6.4

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[This mod is for SRB2 Persona only.]

Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack contains 5 characters from the Trails series which are Lloyd, Estelle , Joshua , Tita and Elie. They don't have Personas during these but they have their trusty combat orbments ARCUS!​

Lloyd Persona.png

A Physical User with Strong Fire and Strike skills with also a high crit rate.

Weak against Curse
Resists Fire and Nuke


Estelle Persona.png

A magical user with decent Ice Skills and Healing. Also has some support skills.

Weak against Fire
Resists Ice and Bless


Joshua Persona.png

The fastest character of the pack. With his high Agility you can be the first one to debuff and attack. Has decent Curse and Slash skills with some debuffs

Weak against Bless
Resists Curse and Wind


Tita Persona.png

Has low stamina which makes her have less HP than everyone but that doesn't stop her using her Nuke and Support skills.

Weak against Ice
Resists Nuke


Elie Persona.png

The balance one with stats that sorta does almost the same damage on physical and magical attacks. Uses Wind, Electric and Pierce skills.

Weak against Psi
Resists Wind and Electric

Super Attacks - S-Crafts

Team Attacks

Some have unique team attacks depending of your party

Vision Quests
There are at least 5 new vision quests added into the game. Give them a try although beware these are tough


Custom Dungeon - Geofront Sector A
Adding this pack adds a new custom dungeon called Geofront Sector A



Thanks to people that helped me a lot for this pack to come true! Credits are inside the file to see who helped me on this mod!
And thanks to D00D to give me some courage to upload this!
And also Gan that made these awesome drawings for the characters.

Sprites were ripped from the original Trails games
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Latest updates

  1. A couple of Bug Fixes... Again... Although some Visual stuff added

    I can't really catch a break can I... - Added a visual on everyone's S-Crafts (example in the...
  2. Improvements and Optimizations

    With the release of 1.3.5 I decided to use some of the stuff that was added - Lloyd and Tita...
  3. New Skill Animations and a couple of improvements

    - Lost Eden's animation was shorten and it's now Severe Damage than Heavy Damage - Seventh...

Latest reviews

Honestly this pack is very fun. S-Crafts really shine well, and there's just enough variety to make me wanna try every combo I could think of with the characters here. The designs fit, and this mod stands out pretty brightly against others. Only downside is status and healing items feel kind of like an after thought, but are useful the few times i needed them.

This is worth trying.
The status items were basically my attempt of doing single cure items so you wouldn't rely of using your SP for Patra skills or Patra Gems but I appreciate your kind words!
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Quite a fun pack to have in a session of persona, especially when you use s-crafts which are quite understandably very strong and flashy (like a good portion of the skill-sets the characters can get throughout the blocks of tartarus,) making the roster stand out from most modded characters in srb2p's modding scene (which more prominent in game banana than here). it also has a slew of subs that and oddly enough a bunch status curing items, that while niche, are nice to have in case if you do not have any patra gems on you.

Overall give this pack a try in persona! The pack is still being updated so there may be changes to moves and overall visuals so do look forward to that.
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Welcome to releases! I dunno too much sbout SRB2 Persona, or how difficult it is to make custom moves in SRB2P, but I do see the clear effort on display here!
It's a little like making a fresh lua on the custom skills but thanks!
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