Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack

Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack 6.4

I can't really catch a break can I...

- Added a visual on everyone's S-Crafts (example in the image below)
- Trails Group vision quest was nerfed on the HP
- Fixed weird delay on Chrono Down
- You can now get Golden Halo and Calamitous Blast in Monad as Skill Cards or buy them at the shop
- Fixed Anti-Step All sound being so loud when there's a lot of enemies
- Sound and Music file size optimization

With the release of 1.3.5 I decided to use some of the stuff that was added

- Lloyd and Tita now have nerfed skill tables and stats on PVP
- Added new Subs! Check the image below to see the subs were added.
- Team Attacks are no longer usable for Enemies.
- Some skills animations were optimized and needed
- Added Super Cut ins for Lloyd, Estelle, Joshua, Tita and Elie
- Extra VFX changes

- Lost Eden's animation was shorten and it's now Severe Damage than Heavy Damage
- Seventh Caliber got a new animation
- Recuria got a new animation
- Smoke Cannon animations were improved a bit
- Vital Cannon got a new animation
- Everyone's stats were changed
- Estelle's weapon type was changed to Hammer (Probably the most fitting of every weapon type in the game)
- Fixed weird delay on Chrono Drive
- Fixed Zeruel Cannon description
- Fixed a unknown skill card due to internal name change
- Fixed Vision Quest Lloyd not using some sprites
- Grail Locket Passive skill now works
- Gave Arianrhod a status removal passive
- Fixed La Crest weird delay at the end of the animation

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A quick patch after some reports

- Fixed Team Attacks showing up on skill cards and sub personas
- Teams Attacks got a little bit of a buff of power
After a couple of weeks I have finally finished this update.

- Skills got brand new animations
- New Vision Quest: The Steel Maiden
- Loa got a little bit of a buffs also with a new skill Sol Eruption.
- Took off Death Scream from Loa and gave Calamitous Blast
- Burning Heart now makes Lloyd have shock condition after 3 turns
- Team Attacks! (Lloyd/Elie: Star Blast|Estelle/Joshua: Timeless Pummel)
- Removed Loa from the Geofront Dungeon
- Geo Reaper was renamed to Orbal Reaper
- Orbal Reaper's cut in got a bit of a makeover
I have come with some bug fixes and a new dungeon. Thats right! Geofront from the Crossbell Arc in Trails was made!

You see SRB2 Persona 1.3 has a thing that you can do your own custom dungeon with just a lua. Well that's what I did mostly. Although since this is still Persona I decided for the enemies to stay as shadows since you know... Dark Hour and such anyway! The Geofront Dungeon difficulty is basically Block 6 Adamah and Block 7 Monad together since it uses enemies from those 2 blocks. Although the final bosses are custom made. At least one is from Trails. Anyway since I did this with the custom dungeon lua all floors are random generated. You can select the dungeon in the Custom option at the menu in the lobby. The Dungeon Music is from Trails to Azure and it's called A Trap Lurking In The City

  • Added Geofront Sector A as a Custom Dungeon
  • Added Rean from Trails of Cold Steel to the Sub Personas (Rean only appears in Adamah and Monad. Also available at the shop on those levels)​
  • Added a new Animation for Golden Halo (Credits to Wood Man for offering to do this animation. Also yes it's supposed to look like in the original)​
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Aero Storm's Rock Debris clipping through the arena after being used (Also added some green inside the Dust Devil)
  • Fixed Tita's normal attack throwing 2 bombs rather than one​
  • Fixed Chrono Drive Sound barely notable to listen​
  • Estelle is no longer weak to Curse
  • Joshua's Curse Orbal Arts aka skills were buffed since the vanilla Curse skills like Eiha and such were buffed as well
  • Tita's Smoke Cannon 2 was buffed due to Tentarafoo being buffed too
  • Lloyd's Encourage and Extend Hearts were given some polishing on the animation
  • Estelle's Morale and Swelling Hope were given some polishing on the animation as well
  • Lloyd's Burning Heart was also give some polishing on the animation too
  • The Orbment Sub personas only appear in Adamah and Monad


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Merry Christmas! Here's a big update to you all!

Lots of new animations and also a new sub into the game!
Most of the animatios were supposed to replicate the original ones from Trails so sometimes we were limited
and had to do original ones. Like Seventh Caliber and Abyss Fall (Thank you Zoraxua for letting me use those animations lol)
Also who would have thought that Dust Devils make good tornados

Check the images below to see what animations were added cause there are a lot!

Credits to Rascally Rosy for letting me use a animation for Diamond Dust


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Apparently Again... I got reports of major stuff breaking... I guess Lua just likes to watch me suffer..


Fixed Normal attacks breaking.... Again... (I have made sure this time...)
Fixed Unexisting Skill Cards breaking the game
I am so sorry.. I accidentally uploaded a dev version that I was doing and I realized it now. I am so sorry..