Legacy Palettes - A Robo Blast From the Past!

Legacy Palettes - A Robo Blast From the Past! v2

Alright, V2's available for the MB. An update will be made in the coming days that includes older super colors in Kart 1.3 and SRB2 2.0.
This version actually took way longer to make, since I had to figure out how to mod KartZ and V1. Luckily, there were some wads of older mods floating around, and I was able to change the files to, well, see the palettes in full detail. While this wouldn't have been necessary, I HAD to do it because the colors were not documented by any sources. (Well, KartZ was... To an extent.)
This version of the mod not only adds the unique skincolors seen in KartZ, but it also corrects older skincolors. All of the Final Demo skincolors have been corrected to stay true to the original.
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